Having a medical consultation before any medical procedure is standard practice. It helps the patient understand what to expect and gives them time with their doctor to ask questions. The same is true for a consultation before having a cosmetic treatment. It’s an excellent opportunity to be clear on what to expect during your treatment, prepare, and set expectations for results. Every client should use this time wisely and come to the consultation with a list of questions. But what questions should be asked? What information should a client collect from a provider to feel comfortable moving forward with any treatment? Here is a list of questions for you to use during your consultation.

Your Consultation

Who Will Be Performing the Treatment?

A client must be fully aware of the person who is going to carry out the treatment. Inquire about their credentials and how many times they have performed the procedure being discussed. Ask about feedback from other clients who were treated by that person. Do they have any before and after photos? Is there a choice of providers at that location? If so, gather information on all of them before making a choice. This information will help you be more confident and comfortable during your treatment.

What Kind of Equipment Do They Use?

It is essential to find out whether the equipment used is sterilized and hygienic. Is the equipment new? Are there different settings suitable for your skin type and color? It’s essential to make sure the treatment and the equipment are right for your concerns and skin.

How Many Treatments are Required to See Results?

One needs to prepare for any treatment mentally and have an idea of how long it will be before the desired results are noticeable. Some treatments see results immediately, and others take months – know this before starting. This knowledge will help one achieve the desired results by not stopping halfway through a lengthy treatment schedule.

Ask to Review Before and After Images

Reviewing before and after images of real-life clients is quite imperative to know what to expect after your treatment. Furthermore, it is also going to give an assurance that your concern can be treated. The images also provide a realistic view of the results.

What Will This Treatment Realistically Do For Me?

When most people start getting a treatment done for any known skincare concern, they often have high expectations when it comes to results. However, it is always better to assess your results once you create the treatment regimens suggested by your provider.

Whenever trying a new treatment, it’s crucial to have a consultation first. Knowing what to expect from the procedure itself to the results will give you peace of mind and help you feel comfortable and confident in your decision to move forward.

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