Are you tired of looking in the mirror and see wrinkles staring back at you? Do those wrinkles make you feel older than you are? Now there is a way to rejuvenate aging skin. This treatment corrects aged and damaged skin with minimal downtime. This safe and effective treatment is called Fraxel.

Fraxel therapy involves the use of light to destruct micro-sized columns of your skin. Don’t worry; it’s not as bad as it sounds. The size of the columns is tiny. The theory behind this treatment is controlled damage. By damaging columns of skin, the old skin is shed, and new skin takes over. In short, it boosts the natural healing mechanisms of the body and promotes the formation of essential proteins that reduce wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines.

The first week after Fraxel treatment, your body will recover and produce new skin replacing the worn-out tissue. Each person’s body is different and therefore, produces protein at a different rate, which is why, for some, it can be a bit longer to see the results.

After the treatment, you’ll notice that your skin is slightly reddened, and swollen for about three days. Avoid applying any products to your skin, unless recommended by the treatment provider. Immediately following Fraxel procedure, avoid going into the sun and be sure to use a sunscreen diligently. Your skin becomes sensitive after Fraxel therapy and during the healing process. You need to take excellent care of your skin to avoid irritation.

You can boost the healing process by making sure your diet contains adequate amounts of nutrients like proteins, minerals, and vitamins. These building blocks help make the healing process proceed faster because they are required to make the new connective tissue and skin. Without the availability of these nutrients, the healing process will be slower.

So, why wait? Schedule a Fraxel treatment today and see for yourself what a significant effect it has in reducing wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, and acne scars. The results are fantastic, and you’ll soon have radiant, glowing skin.

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