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SmartLipo: The Easier, Quicker, New Way to Lipo

The secret’s out. The European way to lipo has hit State-side and it’s quickly becoming a new favorite. Recently FDA-approved, SmartLipo is coming to BodyLase in Raleigh this October. Discover how SmartLipo easily melts the pounds.

Learn How to Keep Your Summer Shape

Keeping your body in summer shape in 4 simple steps. Working out is important to keep your body in top shape. Keeping your diet in check and eating healthy provides the base foundation for all your activities. And if you’d like a little extra help, check out our Zerona Laser treatement information. Check out all of our tips to keep that summer shape going throughout winter.

4 Quick Ways to Counter Summer Sun Damage

Summer’s over and now it’s time to take care of the issues that may have cropped up from all your summer fun. Thinks like damaged hair, moisturizing dried skin, skin peels and a solid treatment plan for staying moisturized.