Dealing with stubborn body fat can be incredibly frustrating. It has a way of affecting how you perceive yourself, making you hesitant to face the mirror, uncomfortable in your clothes, and camera-shy. Even if you’ve committed to a healthy lifestyle, some areas of stubborn fat just won’t budge due to genetics. Whether it’s a double chin, belly fat, love handles, or other bothersome fat deposits, the expert team at BodyLase® in Raleigh and Cary is here to help you regain your confidence. You deserve to be the star in your pictures, not hide from them. With our advanced body contouring systems and personalized packages, we empower you to shed those unwanted stubborn fat deposits and rediscover your natural beauty.

Why Choose BodyLase

BodyLase Med Spa is North Carolina’s premier medical spa, offering a luxurious and transformational experience. For over two decades, our skincare professionals have been boosting confidence through cutting-edge treatments that enhance your inherent beauty. We provide a rejuvenating experience that is results-oriented and tailored to your unique needs. With locations in Raleigh and Cary, our BodyLase team is renowned for client satisfaction, top-notch service, and proven results.

Since 2002, as a locally-owned business, BodyLase Med Spa has been deeply ingrained in our community. We seamlessly combine luxury with medically safe and effective treatments, hiring top talents in our industry and investing in their growth. Our medical spa treatments feature cutting-edge technology administered by highly-qualified licensed professionals. Our all-female team upholds the highest standards in medical spa treatments, utilizing the latest techniques to minimize imperfections, including stubborn fat deposits.

Unwanted Body Fat

We’ve all struggled with stubborn body fat – be it belly fat, bra fat, love handles, or the rolls beneath the buttocks. These stubborn fat deposits can affect not only your body but also your state of mind. Moreover, diet and exercise don’t always deliver the desired results. Sometimes, we need a little boost to overcome our genetic predispositions and reach our health goals. While we can’t control our genetics or entirely alter our environment, we can empower ourselves by selecting treatments that help us achieve our body goals.

At BodyLase Med Spa, we offer various options for addressing stubborn fat, including CoolSculpting Elite® and Kybella®. CoolSculpting Elite is a body contouring system that freezes and gets rid of fat cells. Designed to target and reduce unwanted body fat, it’s FDA-approved, producing remarkable results. This non-surgical treatment is easy, simple, and non-invasive, effectively decreasing stubborn body fat in specific areas to achieve natural-looking outcomes.

Double Chin

Kybella, on the other hand, is an FDA-approved treatment designed for double chin reduction. A double chin typically results from weakened neck and chin muscles that lose elasticity over time. Sometimes, diet and exercise don’t provide the desired results, especially since submental fat results from genetics and the natural aging process. Through injectable treatments, our expert skincare professionals can reduce neck and chin fat without surgery or extended downtime. When combined with CoolSculpting Elite, Kybella creates extraordinary results.

Embrace the Body You Desire

Now that you’ve discovered why BodyLase is your ultimate choice for achieving a more sculpted and beautiful you, it’s time to take action. Schedule your consultation today and experience the potential of our personalized treatment plan in eliminating those stubborn fat deposits. Say goodbye to the double chin, belly fat, love handles, and other persistent fat concerns. It’s your moment to be yourself, to feel beautiful, confident, vibrant, and fully alive. Bid farewell to unwanted body fat as our expert team at BodyLase Med Spa in Raleigh and Cary eagerly awaits to guide you toward the body of your dreams.