Welcome to BodyLase® Med Spa, where your comfort takes center stage in every med spa journey. As the go-to destination for aesthetic enhancements in Raleigh and Cary, we prioritize your well-being with ProNox™, a revolutionary nitrous oxide system. At BodyLase, we believe in elevating your experience through innovation, and ProNox is our secret to maintaining your comfort during various treatments.

What Is ProNox?

ProNox, an innovative nitrous oxide application, is revolutionizing pain and stress management in medical and aesthetic practices. This FDA-cleared analgesia provides a perfectly balanced 50-50 mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, ensuring a safe and effective means to alleviate discomfort without inducing sedation. Unlike anesthesia, ProNox makes pain more bearable without compromising your brain’s ability to recognize it. BodyLase brings the proven benefits of ProNox to its clients in Raleigh and Cary with a commitment to elevating patient comfort.

The Benefits of ProNox

Opting for ProNox means choosing safety and flexibility. It doesn’t induce sedation, making it a safe option to minimize treatment pain and anxiety. This self-administered analgesic gas delivery system can be combined with numbing creams for added comfort. The analgesia takes full effect immediately, but also dissipates quickly so that the patient can resume their daily routine after they complete their treatment. While using ProNox, most people report only mild, transient side effects, such as feelings of lightheadedness or a bubbly or giggly sensation. Reports show an impressive 85% reduction in discomfort during ProNox-assisted treatments.

When Do We Use ProNox?

ProNox is an indispensable ally at BodyLase, enhancing your comfort during specialized treatments. It is especially popular during sensitive procedures like Fraxel® laser skin resurfacing and Morpheus8 treatments. These treatments, known for their effectiveness, can be uncomfortable, so we offer additional pain management options. By combining ProNox with a topical prescription-grade numbing cream, you can benefit from the full rejuvenating experience of these procedures with less discomfort.

Ask Us About ProNox

At BodyLase, we prioritize your comfort during every treatment, and ProNox is a key element in ensuring your satisfaction. Ask us about incorporating this innovative pain management solution into your next Fraxel or Morpheus treatment. Schedule a consultation with our Treatment Consultants to explore how ProNox can transform your med spa experience in Raleigh and Cary.