Skin treatments, BodyLaseSome beauty treatments take several months to complete so to have flawless skin for the big day you have to plan ahead.

Women naturally want to look beautiful and attractive. On special occasions they want to be in their best selves. And to look absolutely perfect on the wedding day which is a girl’s most important day of life, she takes steps quite ahead of time so that she stands out flawless.

But there are certain skin problems like Melasma that need special care. Although Melasma does not affect the total health, it has an impact on the appearance and sometimes it is difficult to treat. So it is important to know the symptoms of this problem and treat it from the very start.

What is Melasma?

It is characterized by dark patches on the skin. The brownish pigmentation appears mostly on the forehead, cheeks and chin and also the upper lip.


The exact causes are not known but the skin areas that are exposed to excess sunlight are affected the most. Genetics, hormonal activities in females and photosensitivity are considered to be some of the causes associated with Melasma problems. Men who are very dark are also susceptible to this type of skin problem.


With the advancement of technology, there are amazing treatments for Melasma like the Fraxel re:store laser. Thanks to some of the high-quality treatments that are offered by salons and spas Melasma is not something women have to just live with. Fraxal re:store is an effective method to treat dark patches and pigmentation without damaging the outer layer of skin.  There is only slight discomfort during the procedure and the client can return to normal activities the same day.   After the treatment clients are advised to avoid exposure to sunlight and to wear sunscreen.

Fraxel re:store requires multiple treatments to completely remove dark patches (usually 4-6).  So plan ahead if you want beautiful skin for your big day.

There are some other options for treating Melasma depending on your skin type and budget. Contact BodyLase® for a consultation in Raleigh, NC and Cary, NC on which method is right for you.