wrinkle fillers, cannulas, BodyLase,With the increasing interest of facial augmentation to maintain a youthful appearance, minimally invasive procedures are becoming more and more popular. Sharp tip needles are commonly used to inject fillers into the skin. However, recent use of the blunt tip cannulas needle, has some medical professionals and some patients thinking twice.

The blunt tip provides a great number of advantages and is an impressive alternative to sharp tipped needles. Although usage of one needle over the other really boils down to the medical professional’s preference, the benefits of using cannulas, to both the patient and the medical provider, cannot be ignored. There is no doubt that the blunt tipped cannula is going to change the way dermal fillers are injected into the skin forever.

Because the cannula is a small, blunt and flexible needle, it simplifies the filler injection process by requiring fewer punctures. Cannulas have the ability to cover a greater area in a single treatment. One or two entries with the cannulas can fill approximately half of a patient’s face versus the sharp tip needle which requires multiple penetrations and covers less area. This alone, reduces the length of the procedure as well as the pain, discomfort and trauma associated with it.

Several other benefits of cannulas makes its usage more desirable. In most cases, using the cannulas needle does not require an injected anesthesia. Patients experience less bleeding, swelling and bruising at the injection sites (this is because the blunt tip of the cannulas pushes the blood vessels aside instead of puncturing them). Less bruising and swelling allows for a faster recovery. Patients are able to return to normal activities almost immediately. Sharp tip injections are more painful and require a patient to rest for a much longer period following the procedure. Medical professionals who utilize cannulas have found them easier to use and they offer more accuracy making it safer for the patient.

Recent studies done to compare the effects of cannula versus sharp tip procedures revealed many differences. The most significant of these was the difference in the amount of pain the patient experienced during the injection process. Using the Visual Analog Scale, the pain level for blunt injections was about three while the pain associated with sharp tipped needles was around six.

It’s clear. The future of injectable fillers is changing. In the battle of cannulas versus sharp needles, the future points to cannulas.

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