facial treatments, BodyLaseYou just had a skin treatment and you feel and look great.  It was well worth the expense when the results have such a positive effect on you.  Your aesthetician recommended several skin care products for you to use – is she just trying to make more money or is there a reason you should follow her recommendations?

It’s true that Med Spas sell products for additional income, but the products they sell are different from the ones you may buy at the local department store.  Your aesthetician has evaluated your skin, selected a treatment that is perfectly suited for your skin (the reason the results are so great) and only wants you to maintain your skin with products that complement your skin and the treatment you just received.  (Doesn’t your dentist tell you to brush and floss after your teeth have been cleaned?)

The aesthetician only wants you to maintain that beautiful skin for as long as possible. The aesthetician also is aware of all new products that are on the market.  You may have been using the same moisturizer for years, but a new, better product might be out there that is better suited for your skin type.  Wouldn’t you want to know about that?

The maintenance products that your aesthetician recommends will enhance the treatments you receive, give them longer lasting results and protect your investment.  In the case of a Med Spa they may prescribe for you skin care products that are not available at your local beauty counter.  Many creams and lotions are stronger formulas and should be used only as instructed by your aesthetician .

If the price tags seem high for you, ask if there are any over-the-counter products you can use and follow those recommendations.

Investing in skin treatments and products can give you beautiful, younger-looking skin – protect that investment by using the proper maintenance products.