Finding a skincare treatment has never been easier with so many clinics popping up left and right. We live in a world burdened by options. When you have so much to choose from, how do you know where the best treatments are? The truth is, many of these places offer the same exact treatments. Facials and chemical peels are abundant, but not everyone knows how to provide them correctly and effectively. That’s why trusted aestheticians are important.

With winter upon us, we understand that keeping your skin beautiful is at the top of your priority list. You’ve been shopping around, trying to find the best providers in Raleigh and Cary, North Carolina. Our team at BodyLase® is here to make things easier. Our brand wasn’t born last week. We’ve been providing our patients with a 5-star experience since 2002. When it comes to your skin, experience matters, and we’re here to provide it.

If you’re ready for a skin rejuvenation treatment, such as a HydraFacial®, Microneedling, or Chemical Peel, we invite you to get to know our aestheticians first. We’re staffed by industry experts ready to help you feel confident and relaxed. Get to know some of our team below and get in touch to meet the rest today!

Meet Our Master Aestheticians

Aesthetics is both an art and a science. It takes keen eyes and experience to identify the specific skin problems that you may be experiencing. Each of our aestheticians has the training needed to identify and treat your skin concerns.

Tiffany clodfelter | bodylase®

Tiffany Clodfelter

Tiffany’s interest in skincare began the day that she discovered melanoma on her back. After graduating from The Aveda Institute of Chapel Hill, Tiffany became a dedicated member of the BodyLase® team. Given her personal experience, she understands that the key to skin health lies in the care and expertise of the provider. Tiffany is dedicated to helping her clients become the best versions of themselves.

Rita hiester | bodylase®

Rita Hiester 

Rita is originally from Peru and has recently become a proud US citizen. She lives in Raleigh with her husband and two cats. Rita became a licensed aesthetician after graduating from Miller-Motte College. She believes that every client deserves to be the best version of themselves, and it all begins with self-confidence.

Kelly smith | bodylase®

Kelly Smith

Kelly is a Raleigh native who loves spending time with her husband and two little girls. After discovering skincare as her calling, Kelly went on to earn her certificate in Esthetics Technology from Miller-Motte College. As our lead aesthetician, she is determined to work with each client and help their inner beauty shine through.

Abby whitescarver | bodylase®

Abby Whitescarver

Abby has deep roots in North Carolina and is originally from Pinehurst. As an aesthetician at BodyLase®, she loves perfecting her personalized skincare routine using our medical-grade products. Her favorite treatments at BodyLase® are the different levels of HydraFacial®, Dermaplaning, and Microneedling. When Abby is not at work, she enjoys hiking, hanging out with her family and friends, and trying new foods.

Rhiannon | bodylase®

Rhiannon Rupkey

Rhiannon recently moved to Raleigh from Seattle. Going through her own skincare journey allowed Rhiannon to understand and appreciate the unique challenges faced by our clients. What she finds most rewarding about her career is bettering the experience, results, and confidence of her clientele. In her spare time, Rhiannon likes taking trips to the beach and enjoying the little things in life that are easily taken for granted.


How to Get in Touch with BodyLase®

Ready to get started? Meet the rest of our team and explore our full range of services today! Schedule your appointment by calling (984) 263-9229 to book in our Raleigh MedSpa office or (919) 704-7131 to book in our Cary MedSpa office. Alternatively, you can fill out and submit the appointment form below.