Often when we think of aging and preventative care, we think of the signs of aging that show on our face. However, we tend to forget one of the more significant telltale signs of aging – our hands. Our hands are exposed to the environment as much as any other part of our body, but generally with a lot less protection. Most of us already have a skincare regimen of lasers and medical grade products down pat for our face, but what about our hands?

Thinning skin and age spots are the most apparent signs of aging shown on one’s hands. The skin on the back of the hands becomes thinner and almost translucent with age. Brown spots begin to appear. Tendons, veins, and joints start protruding through the skin. These changes occur slowly over time. In addition to these, the loss of collagen and elastin is also happening.

Combating the aging process requires more than just an over-the-counter hand cream. The latest anti-aging medical advances have given us a set of procedures that promise dramatic and immediate improvement. There is a way to return your hands to a youthful appearance through hand rejuvenation treatments.

Hand Rejuvenation Treatments

Simple daily measures for tired-looking hands can help, but the best results come from professional treatments. The following therapies could be considered based on individual requirements.

Chemical peels can get rid of dark spots on the skin. By sloughing off the top layers of skin, new skin grows with a fresh young look. The new skin is soft, supple, and clear of spots.

Dermal Fillers are used for replenishing lost volume by gently plumping loose skin. These fillers help mask protruding bones, veins and tendons resulting in a smooth surface on the skin.

Micro-needling is a treatment that stimulates the production of collagen for firmer, tighter skin. With aging comes the reduction of collagen production. This reduction causes the skin to “deflate” making it loose and wrinkly. Stimulating collagen production plumps the skin giving it a youthful appearance.

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is a laser treatment that helps treat sun spots, age spots, and uneven pigmentation with minimal downtime.

Fraxel is a resurfacing laser treatment. It is considered the “gold standard” at BodyLase for treating brown spots, wrinkles, melasma, and more. Most people like to add on their hands while treating another area such as the face or neck for a more overall resurfacing, but you can certainly treat the hands as a treatment on its own.

A professional treatment could rejuvenate the appearance of hands for several years by gently replenishing the delicate and over-exposed skin. BodyLase has an innovative approach to skin care based on treating the individual patient to obtain the best possible results from any treatments offered. Consultation includes reviewing skin care issues.

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