The way we organize our skincare routine has an impact on how effective they will be. Your skincare products react once they contact your skin, with each other, and with light exposure. The application order also varies according to the time of the day. We’re breaking down the process for morning and evening routines that will give you the best possible results.

Morning Skin Routine

Morning products target preventing the build-up of bacteria and protecting the skin from harmful residue. An excellent morning regime looks like this:

Cleanser: The first and foremost step to start the day. Cleansing the skin will help get rid of the residue that accumulated on the skin overnight.
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Exfoliate: Skin Exfoliation should be done no more than two times per week. It gets rid of the dead skin, making your skin look fresh and youthful.

Toner: Apply toner after the exfoliating to balance the skin’s pH level. It helps make your complexion look fair and clear. The Obagi non-drying formula is a great choice.

Moisturize: Moisturizing the skin is especially needed during the winter as the skin tends to become very dry, making a face look patchy.

SPF: An essential aspect of any skincare routine is to apply sunscreen to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. EltaMD is an excellent product for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Make-up: For some women, make-up is an essential component. Cosmetics should be applied at the end of the morning regime.

Night Time Skin Routine

The focus of any nighttime skincare regime is cleansing and repair. The skincare products used at night clean the skin of make-up and dirt accumulated during the day and repair the skin from sun damage and aging. Here’s what a healthy night skincare regime looks like:

Remove Make-up/Cleanse: Using a product for this specific purpose, remove all eye and skin make-up before using a facial cleanser or make sure to double cleanse to remove grime, dirt, oil that accumulated during the day. An exfoliating scrub can be used with the cleanser, but then do not use any exfoliating cream or serum.

Toner: Use a toner as you would in the morning.

Eye Cream: Applying the eye cream protects this delicate skin area from other skincare products you may apply. This cream addresses crow’s feet and dark circles.

Special Creams and Serums: There are many prescription and over-the-counter treatments that can be used here. Just follow these general rules:
A few options from our BodyLase store:

  • Choose a prescription med OR exfoliating treatment. Using both on the same night might cause skin irritation.
  • Don’t use retinol creams and exfoliating serums on the same night.
  • Only use exfoliating treatments 1-3 times a week.

Moisturizer: Use a moisturizer, preferably a night cream. Night moisturizers/creams are thicker and designed to be absorbed over several hours.

Skin Type

The order in which products are applied is essential for a healthy skincare routine. A proper skincare practice will be evident on your skin when followed precisely. There are endless options out there to select the products you use; however, the products should be determined according to skin type rather than relying solely on popular products available in the market.


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