As the seasons change, so should your skincare routine. But while summer is often associated with sunscreen application, the need for protection extends well into fall and winter.

At BodyLase®, we believe in comprehensive skincare that stands strong in all seasons. Contrary to common belief, sun damage is a persistent threat even on overcast days, making sunscreen a year-round necessity. The fall and winter months bring their challenges, with cold weather contributing to dry skin. Pairing this with the potential for snow to reflect sunlight, leaving you susceptible to sunburns, underscores the importance of maintaining sun protection throughout the year. Our holistic skincare approach emphasizes sunscreen’s importance in every season, ensuring your skin remains radiant, healthy, and protected from the sun’s damaging effects.

Sun Damage in Fall and Winter

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In fall and winter, the risk of sun damage doesn’t diminish. Instead, it takes on different forms. The cold weather and heating exacerbate skin dryness, a condition compounded by the drying effects of sun exposure. This combination can lead to flakier, dryer skin and premature aging. Even on cloudy days, harmful UV radiation still penetrates the skin and causes potential harm. For those embracing winter activities like skiing, the reflective nature of snow can intensify sun exposure, increasing the likelihood of sunburn. Acknowledging these risks, our skincare experts at BodyLase advocate for incorporating sunscreen into your routine throughout the year for comprehensive protection. From Elta UV Clear to Revision Skincare Intellishade, we have the best product for every skin.

Year-Round Skincare: A Must for Healthy Skin

Your skin is an asset that deserves care irrespective of the season. The cold season, in particular, demands attention to skincare, making sunscreen a crucial component of your routine. Our goal at BodyLase is to guide you toward radiant, healthy skin throughout the year. Adopting a skincare regimen that includes sunscreen protects your skin from sun damage and maintains a vibrant complexion regardless of the weather. Whether it’s a summer beach day or a winter skiing adventure, we emphasize the importance of sunscreen to ensure your skin remains healthy, youthful, and protected.

Discover More About Comprehensive Skincare

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To delve deeper into the realm of effective skincare, explore the diverse treatments and procedures we offer at BodyLase. Our commitment to your skin’s well-being extends beyond sunscreen, encompassing a range of procedures designed to address various concerns. From laser and radiofrequency treatments such as Clear + Brilliant, Fraxel and Morpheus8, to personalized skincare plans including rejuvenating moisturizers, serums or eye creams, our team dedicates itself to helping you achieve and maintain radiant, healthy skin. Learn more about our offerings by contacting us or exploring the procedures associated with our comprehensive skincare approach.

Embrace Radiant Skin Year-Round with BodyLase.

Maintaining radiant and healthy skin is a year-round commitment, and sunscreen plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal. At BodyLase, we advocate for a comprehensive skincare routine that incorporates sunscreen to protect your skin from the potential harm of sun exposure. Let our team guide you toward optimal skincare, ensuring your skin remains vibrant, healthy, and shielded from the elements. Contact us today to schedule a consultation in Raleigh or Cary and explore our procedures related to effective skincare.

Written By: Brittany Bulzan – BodyLase® Spa Director