Rosacea’s a stealthy opponent. It strikes when you least expect it. You’re going about your day without a care in the world, when it attacks. First it’s warm cheeks. Then a flush creeps into your complexion. After that you’re scrambling to put out the crimson fire that’s hijacked your face with secondary problems like broken blood vessels, bumps, and thickened skin.

Chronic redness along with these other skin irritations make rosacea a difficult skin condition to manage.

But don’t let rosacea get you down. With April being National Rosacea Awareness Month, BodyLase® brings you information on the latest advances in rosacea research. Lasers facials and IPL treatments are marked as an effective way to manage and clear away rosacea.

Don’t let it ruin your chance at beautiful skin. Here’s how.

The Battle of Rosacea

A network of capillaries covers your face delivering blood, oxygen and nutrients. With rosacea those facial blood vessels dilate easily, resulting in increased blood flow to the skin’s surface.

But rosacea patients don’t just battle simple flushing or chronic redness. Even once redness is controlled with medicine or lifestyle changes, rosacea patients can still struggle with bumps, thickened skin and broken blood vessels galore.

Making matters worse, broken capillaries are typically more prominent after redness has cleared. Like a veil, redness lifts away only to reveal a network of tiny busted veins that have been lurking under your irritated skin all along.

Treat Rosacea with IPL, Laser Facials or Laser Vein Therapy

There are two ways our various laser and light treatments can help.

  • Tackle redness head on. Laser and IPL treatments can defeat the micronetwork of broken and dilated capillaries that are causing your chronic redness and flushing.
  • Erase busted veins. Even after redness has been controlled, some stubborn large broken capillaries like to linger. Laser treatment is especially great at erasing these.

Both laser and IPL treatments utilize the power of light energy. The energy travels deep below where it’s absorbed by hemoglobin, the blood’s pigment within your veins. It’s then converted into heat which collapses your pesky visible veins and seals them off permanently. These veins eventually disintegrate, never to return again.

What are your results? Veins disappear and redness is reduced as your blood flow is correctly redirected to where it should flow in the first place: within hidden veins deep below the skin’s surface.

IPL Treatments for Rosacea

IPL accurately targets surface problems like redness and small broken veins. Utilizing a broadband of light, IPL combats a range of surface skin problems including tiny veins, general redness, blotchy skin tone and other types of hyper-pigmentation, such as sun spots and age spots. With IPL treatments you can free yourself from the constraints of rosacea by reducing the appearance of thin broken capillaries, easing chronic redness and flushing, and smoothing out your complexion.

Laser Facial for Rosacea

Laser facial uses a narrow light spectrum to eliminate problems below and on the surface of your skin. You’ll see an overall reduction of redness and blotchiness, which results in smooth, creamy skin. While the pigmentation problems on the surface of your skin are resolved, deep down your dermis is improved structurally as new collagen is encouraged to form. As a result you’ll also enjoy textural smoothness. Overall, laser facials are ideal for tackling deep-seated chronic redness and broken veins as well as for stimulating collagen production.

Laser Vein Therapy for Rosacea

Laser vein therapy harnesses light energy to wrangle stubborn, prominent broken capillaries around the nose into submission. This is one of our favorite treatments because we often see unsightly veins disappear right before our eyes! After a laser vein therapy session, you might experience some temporary bruising which usually dissipates within a week. The vein itself is often cleared away immediately. With laser vein therapy you can finally free your skin of those pesky red lines.

Chronic redness, flushing, red lines? Do away with it all and win the battle against rosacea. Find out more about rosacea treatments at BodyLase®, by scheduling a consultation.

April Rosacea Special

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