If you enjoy a face free of wrinkles, you might already be enjoying the benefits of regular BOTOX® treatments – or you plan to start! But another excellent treatment you might also want is laser hair removal. Many of our clients want to know if they can get permanently smooth skin with laser hair removal if they are going to get Botox too.

Well, BodyLase has some good news for you!

The Harmony of Botox and Laser Hair Removal

Botox is a safe and effective ongoing treatment plan to reduce and eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. While comfortable with no downtime or recovery period, some clients may feel their skin is a tad more sensitive at the site of injection immediately following treatment.

Laser hair removal is another safe, effective treatment plan designed to permanently remove dark-colored hair from select areas of your body. Like Botox, it can leave your skin feeling very sensitive in the treated areas. We strongly recommend avoiding sunlight and scented skincare products over the course of your treatment plan, especially immediately after each session.

So, if you are interested in two treatment plans that leave your skin feeling sensitive, how can they be best combined?

Balancing Botox and Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Balancing Botox and laser hair removal treatments is all about pacing. When your skin is at its least sensitive between laser hair removal treatments, that’s when you’d want to have your next Botox injection. Other than skin sensitivity, there’s no problem maintaining your Botox treatment plan while also starting your laser hair removal journey. Both treatments are comfortable and healthy enough for most people, and our highly skilled and experienced aestheticians at BodyLase will make sure these treatment plans are tailored to your unique needs and scheduled in the optimal order, so you can achieve the best results possible.

Not only that, but they will also make sure you have a pleasant and enjoyable experience every time you visit us. Don’t just take our word for it; listen to what Nijah B. said about her last visit:

‘My recent appointment with my Fav Kelly, was amazing with the new laser! I barely felt anything!’

Better yet, pacing these treatments does not affect the quality of the results you receive. Botox lasts for three to four months, which is plenty of time to fit in your next laser hair removal treatment. In turn, the hairs destroyed during each laser hair removal treatment do not grow back. Once your entire treatment plan is complete, you can enjoy permanently smooth skin – guaranteed!

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So, to answer that burning question, “Can I have a laser hair removal treatment plan if I already get Botox?” Yes, you absolutely can! With careful scheduling and expert guidance from our team at BodyLase, you can enjoy the benefits of both Botox and laser hair removal treatments.

Why choose one when you can have both? Learn more about the wide range of treatment options offered at BodyLase. Embrace the best of both worlds and schedule your consultation today!