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Embarking on a laser skin resurfacing journey involves understanding not just the treatment itself, but also the frequency required for optimal results. At BodyLase® Med Spa, we prioritize your skincare goals, and finding the right balance is key. Let’s explore the ideal approach to laser skin resurfacing, considering both effectiveness and safety.

The Treatment Plan: Precision in Numbers

Depending on your unique skin and personal goals, your laser skin resurfacing plan typically includes a series of treatments that spans 3 to 5 sessions, thoughtfully spaced every 4-6 weeks. This strategic approach ensures that each treatment contributes to the overall enhancement of your skin and that the collective result will be optimized towards your goals. The rejuvenating effects come from stimulating your skin to create its own collagen, which is yours to keep! Each procedure treats a percentage of skin’s surface area, usually around 12-25% and therefore, collectively, total skin resurfacing will be achieved after completing your prescribed series. Once your initial series is complete, you can transition to a maintenance plan which usually includes treatment frequency as little as 1-2 times a year to keep your results optimized. Maintenance can be achieved with either the same treatment, or a different resurfacing treatment.

Longevity Concerns: Why Wait?

Given the enduring impact of laser skin resurfacing, rushing into subsequent treatments might be counterproductive. Skincare isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor, and it requires a personalized timeline. Scheduling sessions too soon could mean damaging that sensitive new skin that has not had enough time to recover and therefore could lead to less than optimal results.

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Balancing Act: Nurturing Sensitivity

The sensitivity induced by laser treatments demands thoughtful consideration. Frequent and closely scheduled sessions can disrupt your broader skincare plan, limiting your ability to engage in complementary med spa care. At BodyLase, we advocate for a balanced skincare approach, ensuring each step complements the others seamlessly. We will optimize your post treatment care to support your delicate new skin to allow for the best results. Remember, your final results will be from the collective treatments, recovery and skincare. So be patient with the process, it will definitely be worth the wait!

Safety First: The Right Frequency

Beyond the desire for continual improvement, our commitment to your safety means steering clear of over-treatment. Using the laser more often than necessary risks decreasing results and could potentially harm the skin. Our philosophy is rooted in responsible skincare practices, aligning treatment frequency with your skin’s genuine needs.

The Golden Window: 12-Month Recommendation

To optimize the efficacy of laser skin resurfacing without compromising skin health, we recommend maintaining a 6-12 month interval between your last session and the commencement of a new treatment plan. This timeframe ensures your skin experiences the full benefits without unnecessary risk. During this time period your skin will continue to make its own collagen from the completed treatment series.

Start Your Laser Skin Resurfacing Experience

At BodyLase® Med Spa, we aim to balance the benefits of laser skin resurfacing and a precisely tailored approach. We will help you develop a personalized treatment plan that will uncover your skin’s full potential and embrace a skincare routine that is not only effective but uniquely yours. Schedule a consultation at BodyLase® Med Spa to learn more about achieving radiant and revitalized skin with laser skin resurfacing.

Written by Brittany Bulzan, BodyLase’s Raleigh Spa Director