Table settings and color schemes and invitation fonts, oh my! As a bride-to-be, you’ll find your there’s little time to think about a beauty routine. Wedding day glow, however, doesn’t just happen overnight.

No need to spend hours researching the dos and don’ts, when to schedule what, and how laser hair removal actually works. We’ve highlighted all the right steps as well as revealed some common bridal beauty errors in this a fool-proof beauty guide.

Skincare Basics

Sorry to break it to you: great skin isn’t built on beauty sleep alone. No matter how many hours of shut-eye you nab, good skin just can’t be built in one night. You’ll need a long-term plan chock-full of skin nutrition, skincare habits and products that are perfectly suited to your skintype. Skincare is not realm where the one-solution-fits-all mantra reigns supreme. Got fine wrinkles? Need hydration? Have clog-prone pores? Visit us to learn what products and routines would be great for you.

6 months to 1 year in advance

Hair Removal

Laser hair removals and wedding bells go hand in hand—this much is certain. Smooth underarms are a must for the big day just as smooth bikini lines are ideal for honeymoon getaways. It’s such a natural pairing that the timing of laser hair removal treatments is often overlooked. Many make the mistake of leaving hair removal sessions to the very last minute. But if you want to be perfectly hair-free, you should schedule enough time for around 4-7 sessions. Are you a laser hair removal rookie? Here are some more essential laser hair removal tips.

4 to 7 months in advance

Skin Rejuvenation

When basic skincare and great nutrition aren’t enough, there are rejuvenating facials. So the only skincare mystery left is – Which facial is right for you? At BodyLase®, we look for the answer in your skin. Is it begging you to fend off fine wrinkles? Is it screaming for acne-scar or broken capillary correction? Is it pleading for improved texture and tone? Whatever it needs, a specific facial can deliver. Come in for a consultation to find out if IPL photofacials, laser facials, microdermabrasion, or corrective skin peels are right for you.

3 to 6 months in advance

Feathery Lashes

Brides want that my-face-at-its-very-best look on their wedding day. Nothing over-the-top, just your own natural beauty. So why fake those lashes with extensions, mascara, and falsies when you can flaunt your own luscious lashes? Latisse gives you all the volume, definition and length a girl could ever want. It’s such an effective way to enhance those eyes that it’s become so popular with bride-to-be. But many make the mistake of committing to the Latisse routine way too late in the game. Nurture and grow your lashes well before your wedding day so that your expressive eyes will speak volumes. While results can appear just after 2-3 weeks, optimal length and volume occur after 3 months of use.

3 months in advance

Beautiful Smile

What’s the most important wedding day accessory? It can sum up your feelings without a single word. It can make your groom weak at the knees. It’ll also show up in every wedding photo.
Your smile. So after you get your teeth whitened, don’t forget to pamper all that frames your beautiful pearly whites. Smile-induced wrinkles can easily add years and unwanted phantom emotions to your wedding day grin. Marionette lines and crow’s feet can be erased with BOTOX, while deep tear troughs and lip wrinkles can be tempered with dermal fillers.

2 to 3 months in advance

Plump Up

A little added oomph—it’s what fillers can give your lips. Thanks to the natural results of hyaluronic fillers like Juvederm, lip plumping for brides is becoming more and more common. Some choose to redefine thinned lips while others add a little bounce to small lips. But whatever you do, don’t forget to schedule a wedding makeup test-run after your treatment. Fuller lips might not need as much gloss. And newly defined lips might not require so much lipstick. Come in to find out how we can perfect your pout for your big day.

1 to 3 months in advance

Refreshing Facial

There’s no better way to unwind on the day before your wedding than a with facial. A perfect pre-wedding pick-me-up. But the type of facial is key! The goal of a pre-wedding day facial is achieve a glow, not to overhaul or correct the skin. So remember to stay far away from facials that could cause redness and peeling. And steer clear of all facials requiring down time. Trade them for gentle facials with minimal exfoliation, if any. All you want from pre-wedding day facial is a moment to hydrate your skin and relax your mind.

1 day in advance


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