Wrinkles aren’t just wrinkles. They have the power to change the way your face looks. And maybe even the way you feel. As you age and permanent wrinkles begin to set in, you may have experienced this. People begin to read emotions in your face that you’re not actually feeling. People start to ask if you’re tired, worried, or angry when you’re not at all. Find out which phantom emotions can be treated with Botox.

Common Botox Treatment Areas

Botox is very effective for helping ease the tense, tired look caused by wrinkles around the eyes and above the nose. Here are some common treatment areas.

Do you look angry or irritated?

Eleven lines are common frown lines that appear on your glabella, the area between your eyebrows just above your nose. Treating this area with Botox will help assuage the angry or irritated that the eleven lines give you.

Do you look tired or aged?

Crow’s feet are the common age lines that are created by smiling and laughing. They appear just on the outer corner of your eyes—below your eyes or radiating all around the outer corner depending on your physiology. A Botox treatment to this area will help clear that tired, aged look.

Do you look worried or weary?

Horizontal forehead lines are created when you create an expression of surprise or concern. They appear in parallel rows above your eyebrows. Botox treatment will help release those tense muscles that cause those wrinkles. As a result, the worried and weary look will be smoothed away.

Does it look like you twitch your nose?

Bunny lines are formed along the upper part of your nose. The usually begin from the inner corner of your eye and stretch diagonally down, or even up, across the nose. These are created by laughing, squinting, or scrunching up your nose. Botox reduces this oddly placed wrinkle that often makes you look like you’ve been twitching your nose.


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