With skincare every second counts. After glancing in the mirror ever wish you could travel through time? Not to splurge the moments stolen back from the perpetual progression of time of course. But rather to finally do things right. Here’s a time traveler’s guide to help you prevent and reverse the negative impact of time. No matter which decade you’re enjoying we’ve got important tips to help you combat the environmental and physical stress you’ll encounter. Travel back in time and let your body live as beautifully as it was meant to. No time machine required.

Your Roaring Twenties

Throughout your youth you enjoy a healthy glow. A few preliminary signs of aging however hit as early as your twenties. First, the fullness you enjoyed as a teen melts away naturally leaving you with a look of sophistication and elegance. But once that baby fat dissipates, your cheek’s plump volume disappears forever and the first set of wrinkles begin permanently pressing themselves into your visage. These coming-of-age wrinkles welcoming you onto the long calculated path of aging are motor wrinkles. They appear where natural facial expressions are most actively pulling and tugging the skin on your face. Horizontal forehead lines, eleven lines and also crow’s feet are usually among the first sightings of aging.

Time Traveler Tips

Be very vigilant about caring for your skin at this age. Experts say the way you care for your skin in your twenties will greatly affect how you look later in life. No matter the siren call of the summer sun, remember to use sunscreen. A fine mix of staying out of the sun and using sunscreen can ward off the nasty age spots that will begin to appear later in life. Which brings us to our next decade.

Your Phenomenal Thirties

In your thirties you’ll begin to notice those freckle-like spots that don’t actually fade like freckles after the summer has long gone. If those stubborn brown blemishes stick around long into the winter, those aren’t freckles. Sorry, hun: they are sun spots that reflect the serious sun damage registered by your skin and its underlying tissues. As you sail through your thirties, these will become more and more prominent. Overall your face’s radiance will be dulled; you’ll look a little more tired. Redness, broken capillaries, darker shadows will appear around the nose, mouth and eyes. So if you were lucky enough to never need a concealer beforehand, you’ll probably need to bring it in now. Also those motor wrinkles—including forehead wrinkles, eleven lines, and crow’s feet—will appear deepened.

Time Traveler Tips

Before you sleep use night cream with retinol, this will help your skin cells and collagen regenerate. A laser treatment like Fraxel or IPL Photofacial can tackle those brown sunspots effectively. To help your skin cast of old cells effectively and reintroduce the beloved radiance of your youth, schedule a chemical peel or microdermabrasion session. And finally to help manage those ever-deepening wrinkles, dermal fillers or Botox can be used.

Your Fabulous Forties

Your forties bring a number of joys—the increased independence of your growing kids, stability in your personal and professional life, a greater self-assurance that comes with the wisdom of experience. With all its wonders this decade will also bring on a series of deepened wrinkles. Especially if you didn’t use sunscreen in your youth, your face’s prime exposed spots will really reveal some significant creases. Upper lip creases, crow’s feet, and parentheses lines are the prominent wrinkles to look out for.

Time Traveler Tips

To boost the overall quality of your skin, it’s recommended to continue the use of retinol which you began applying in your thirties. Also into your nightly treatment it’s also recommended that you integrate deeply restorative creams and effective rehabilitative serums. Since your body uses sleep to restore and rejuvenate, using your best moisturizing and correction products during this time is most effective. During this decade, laser treatments like Fraxel or IPL Photofacial are helpful in significantly reducing those accentuated furrows.

Your Golden Fifties

Your golden decade can go one of two ways. Steady as she goes or down. Happily (or not so happily) it’s pre-determined by the way you cared (or didn’t care) for your skin in your youth. For those who were vigilant with skincare, your fifties won’t witness much change from the decade prior. For those who weren’t thoughtful in the previous decades, you’ll see noticeable ageing. Ultraviolet damage steeped deep in your tissue hinders your body’s ability to produce and maintain collagen and elastin, which are the two elements responsible for youthful skin that’s plump and smooth. The cumulative environmental stress reveals itself starkly through poor skin quality, sagging and harsh wrinkles. A drop in estrogen levels also makes your skin feel drier. Gravity as well plays a part making skin droop across a number of facial features—your browbone, your undereye areas, your cheeks, your jawline and your neck.