Aging is one of those inevitable things you can’t avoid in life. It is well recognized that the aging process often includes developing wrinkles and losing skin elasticity. It changes other parts of the body too, like the face, neck, and lips. Many women complain that their lips change with age. This problem can start when we are in our thirties and continues to get worse with each passing year. It is possible to reverse this issue, however, which is why many consider using fillers like Juvederm to maintain their youthful kissable and sexy pout. But why does this thinning happen?

Our lips are teeming with collagen and elastin in our youth. These naturally-occurring proteins maintain a firm and healthy structure, preventing wrinkles and providing natural plumpness to our lips. As we age, the decreased production of new collagen and elastin molecules make lips appear thinner. They lose the vital subdermal structure needed to remain full and plump.

Lack of moisture is another cause for premature thinning of lips. The skin on the lips is different from other areas of the body. It does not produce oil and sweat and is very susceptible to drying out. As we age, our lips are more likely to lose moisture, and they display this loss by drying and cracking. Keeping your lips hydrated and protected from the sun can help. There are lipsticks with SPF that can be used for this purpose.

Lip aging process in the lips is similar to other changes people experience in their facial profile – the nose gets more significant, the lower portion of the face shortens, the upper lip becomes longer and thinner. These changes may start in the 30s and continue into the golden years, but as usual, certain things can speed up the process: Smoking, sun exposure, and genetics.

Have your lips already lost their plumpness? There are lipsticks and colors to enhance your lips to counter these changes, but there are also fillers you can use for that purpose. There are a number of Juvederm products (Vollure, Volbella, Juvederm Ultra) that are affordable solutions to control volume loss in your lips, fill in fine lines, and redefine the profile in the lower portion of your face. They are quick solutions performed in a short time, yielding a satisfactory and long-lasting result.

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