Most of us have experienced unwanted hair somewhere on our bodies. Whether it’s an unwanted mustache or tenacious growth on your legs, back, or belly, unwanted body hair can compromise your self-confidence.

Over the years, skin and beauty professionals have developed several treatments to remove unwanted hair, with waxing as the most prominent. The team at BodyLase® offers our clients something even better: laser hair removal. In fact, we were the first Med Spa in the Triangle to provide this treatment 20 years ago. The reason it continues to be a client favorite is simple: it provides a long-term solution to unwanted hair.

Why is laser hair removal a better alternative to waxing (or, for that matter, shaving, tweezing, or anything else)?

Laser Hair Removal at a Glance

First, it may be helpful to summarize what laser hair removal is and how it works.

This safe clinical technology uses high-powered emissions of laser light energy, administered in a controlled setting, to destroy the roots of unwanted hair, ultimately killing the follicles so they cannot grow back.

The treatment is conducted in a way that maximizes your comfort. Our lasers come equipped with cooling technology minimizing physical discomfort during the hair removal process.

Laser hair removal can give you an 80% reduction in hair growth after a  series of treatments. Treatments are spaced out every 4-8 weeks because hair follicles are only destroyed during growth cycles. To maintain your results, you will potentially need 1-2 maintenance visits a year – which at BodyLase are 50% off for life after you’ve finished a series of treatments in an area.

Laser Hair Removal Over Waxing

Why do we recommend laser hair removal over waxing? There are a number of advantages:

Laser Hair Removal is the More Comfortable Option

Simply put, waxing hurts! As wax is placed in fairly large areas at once, it can be very painful during application and removal. This is especially true when waxing sensitive areas of your body, including your legs, under your arms, or around your bikini area. By contrast, laser hair removal moves quickly, one pulse at a time on top of your skin–leaving your skin undamaged from manually ripping out hair follicles.

Laser Hair Removal Offers Lasting Results

One of the big downsides to waxing is that to maintain your results, you’ll need to wax the same area every few weeks and let the hair grow out between waxes. While it does take multiple treatments for laser hair removal to be fully effective, the results are very long-lasting. You may need to come in for a touch-up occasionally, but many of our clients find that their results last for years.

Waxing is Hard on Your Skin

Another big drawback to waxing is that it can damage your skin, especially sensitive skin. Stripping the top layer of the skin causes forceful exfoliation and damage to the skin. Laser hair removal, when administered by a trained professional, targets only the hair follicle and is safe and effective. It’s also approved for almost all parts of the body!

Waxing Doesn’t Address Ingrown Hairs or Bumpy Texture

Waxing does not kill the follicle completely, which means you may have ongoing problems with ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal actually destroys the follicle, which means it can create lasting relief for anyone who suffers from regular ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal weakens the hair follicle with each visit, and the hairs grow back weaker and thinner each time until they stop growing altogether. What this means for you is smoother skin in the treated area with no bumpy texture or the visible appearance of hair follicles, which appear as dots or spots on the skin.

Choose Laser Hair Removal from BodyLase®

Stop the plucking and shaving. Put down the wax and the tweezers. There is a better way to get rid of unsightly body hair once and for all. To find out about laser hair removal in the Raleigh, NC, and Cary, NC areas, make an appointment with BodyLase® today.