Your smile is one of the best and most beautiful parts of you, but you might be tired of seeing crow’s feet every time your face lights up. Crow’s feet wrinkles, at the sides of your eyes, are a natural part of aging, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them.

At BodyLase®, we offer BOTOX® injections to help you achieve smoother, more youthful skin. BOTOX is a highly effective solution for addressing crow’s feet to achieve younger-looking skin and is the only neuromodulator to be FDA-approved for treating this area. 

Understanding the Causes of Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are those little wrinkles around the eyes that form due to the repeated use of your facial muscles when you laugh, squint, smile, or frown. Over time, your facial expressions settle into “dynamic wrinkles,” which result in crow’s feet.

Several factors beyond your control can make the appearance of crow’s feet worse, like losing collagen as you age and your genetics. Other factors contributing to crow’s feet include sun damage, dehydration and lack of appropriate skincare.

BOTOX: A Powerful Solution for Crow’s Feet

BOTOX helps address crow’s feet because it is a neuromodulator that limits muscle movement. When injected by a skilled provider into specific muscles, BOTOX causes those muscles to relax and move less, reducing the dynamic wrinkles in the treated areas. BOTOX smooths out your crow’s feet and makes them less prominent.

BOTOX is a biodegradable and FDA-approved botulinum neuromodulator formula designed to temporarily paralyze muscles to reduce movement. Botulinum paralyzes muscles by disrupting the release of neurotransmitters to the targeted muscles in the face.

Each BOTOX treatment lasts three to four months, providing temporary, effective relief from the appearance of crow’s feet before the biodegradable neuromodulator is absorbed back into your body. BOTOX treatments reach their full effectiveness by day 14 once you have received your treatment as it slowly begins to work and reduce movement in the treated areas. 

Each session takes 30 minutes or less, making it easy to schedule your BOTOX sessions during lunch breaks or downtime as a convenient way to enjoy smoother skin. A regularly scheduled BOTOX treatment plan can allow you to maintain your results seamlessly between sessions so you can enjoy a consistently youthful appearance for years to come. Over time with consistent treatments, you’re less likely to use some of the muscles BOTOX targeted, which means your skin stays smoother longer.

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See if BOTOX Is Right for You

If you are looking to address crow’s feet, try BOTOX today! At BodyLase, our treatment providers and consultants understand that every client has unique skin needs and goals, so we customize every treatment plan to address your concerns.

Explore the benefits of BOTOX by contacting us for a consultation so you can learn more about the procedure and discover if it’s right for you.