Not just the stuff dreams are made of, lush lashes are now part of your reality. Just as every gal knows, the right wink, blink or flutter is worth more a million words. Convey your every romantic thought by getting your peepers in shape for the month of love. Nab those flirtatious, feathery lashes you’ve always wanted with these simple secrets!

To Start

Nourish your skin and lashes to create a great foundation for reaching new lengths.

  • Begin tending to your lashes with moisture. Castor oil softens the cuticle of each strand while also providing a layer of protection. Gently massaging castor oil into the roots of your eyebrows and onto your lashes will fend of dryness. As a result, lashes will grow longer and hold their curl better.
  • The right nutrition delivered to your lashes gives them the opportunity to maximize their growth.
    Biotin, a B-complex vitamin, is an essential part of cell growth. Increasing elasticity and decreasing brittleness in hair, Biotin can help your lashes grow longer and silkier.
  • Don’t just focus on the length and curl of your lashes, think about what frames them! Soften, smooth and correct the skin around your eyes to make them to really sparkle. To remedy wrinkles, try serums with alpha hydroxy acids, like glycolic acid and lactic acid. To combat discoloration, use serums with vitamin C.

Enhance Your Eyes

By wielding the some handy makeup skills, you could enhance your lashes and put the spotlight on your eyes.

  • What are your lashes missing? Whatever your answer, it’s exactly what you should be looking for in a mascara. Need length? Look for mascaras with fibers of nylon or rayon. These will literally build miniature extensions onto each lash. Need more lashes? Look for volumizing mascaras that will bulk up your lashes with waxes and silicone. Need some definition? Look for mascaras with non-clumping ingredients like silk extract and glycerin. This will offer a defined, yet natural look.
  • Give your lashes the illusion of fullness by tightlining. This technique requires an angled flatliner brush and some gel eyeliner. Simply stipple a clean line into the root of your lashes to add an instant pop of volume.
  • Draw attention to your beautiful peepers by framing your eyes with clean, freshly groomed brows. Remove stray hairs, trim, and fill in with a natural powder or pencil that suits your coloring.

Go the Extra Mile

Looking for a simpler way to get that enchanted look for Valentine’s Day? BodyLase® is at your service!

  • Latisse, unlike mascara, doesn’t make you choose between volume or length. Latisse tackles every lash shortcoming to give you the best look imaginable. This growth treatment, once applied nightly to your lashline, prompts your lashes to grow longer, fuller and darker for a naturally striking look.
  • Don’t forget that a smooth canvas is the perfect way to frame your fluttery eyes. Botox, irons out wrinkles in a single treatment and erases weary, angry, or stressed expressions. Create the perfect background so that your eyes can pop!


Beautify yourself this Valentine’s Day with our February 2012 Special which gives you FREE Latisse for every Juvederm treatment purchased. Schedule an appointment with BodyLase® in Raleigh and Cary so you can get those lovely lips and lush lashes too!