Out with the old and in the new. There can’t be a more apt adage for the start of the new year. After we enjoyed our fill or two of indulgence, January is the perfect time to re-center and rejuvenate. To help, we’ve got some wonder-products and refreshing ideas on how to find your new sense of peace.

Bottled at the Fountain of Youth

Skinceuticals c e ferulic product | bodylase®
Ok, so the fabled font of fairy tales may not exist. But if it did, we’re sure it’d be flowing with this stuff: Skinceuticals C E Furelic Acid.

It’s a super-cocktail of real-life age-combating ingredients. Antioxidants including pure L-ascorbic acid, alpha tocopheral, and ferulic acid are included. All together these ingredients beat the signs of oxidative stress by reducing premature aging, balancing hyperpigmentation, improving elasticity, and prompting collagen production.

If the ingredients and benefits aren’t enough to wow you, the overwhelming rave reviews will surely be. Ranging from “I love to watch the genuine shock on faces when I tell them I am 64 years old. Priceless!” to “A few days into wearing it, people are asking me if I went away on vacation, and saying I have a nice glow,” its reviews are wildly enticing. So if surgical is not your style, this rejuvenating serum just might have your number.

Since it looks like fairy tales really do come true, does it sound like something you’d use to turn back the clock?

Superfood Swap

Brown rice | bodylase®Move over, blueberries. Another superfood’s in town. Well, make that superfoods.

It seems scientists are always digging up the antioxidizing wonders of the world’s most neglected foods. Lucky for us, all it takes is a simple trade-up to reap the benefits.

“Just a spoonful of black rice bran contains more health promoting anthocyanin antioxidants than are found in a spoonful of blueberries, but with less sugar and more fiber and vitamin E antioxidants,” explains researcher Zhimin Xu to Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

So for your next rice dish, trade in white or brown rice for black rice. The rejuvenating results have wonderfully long-term effects.

What food-swaps have you done to get more antioxidants in your diet?

Eat Smart, Feel Great

For a more immediate results, try sprinkling your mealtimes with foods that have a low-gyclemic index (low-GI foods).

Low-GI foods release glucose more slowly throughout your body—so you feel fuller longer. This is a great way to eat nutritiously while also curbing the desire to overeat. As a result, you might feel more energetic and refreshed.

But no worries! You don’t have to create an entirely new recipe for every meal. Simply substitute low-GI foods for others.

For cereals, skip the shredded wheat and go for bran or porridge. During lunch, say no to the ever-lurking bagel and grab a healthier dose of grain-filled breads like pumpernickel, linseed or rye. For snacks, hit the nuts and dried fruits. And whenever possible, be sure to integrate a variety of legumes.

Think low-GI foods will help you feel fresher this January?

Positivity Does a Body Good

Woman wearing a white sweater outside | bodylase®They always said “Be happy, don’t worry.” But we didn’t think this had anything to do with wrinkles.

Scientists have now pinned down the stats to back a long-suspected notion: positive thinking might actually be good for your body. Harvard professor Dr. Herbert Benson is quoted in the Washington Post as saying, “The mind can actively turn on and turn off genes […] What we have found is that when you evoke the relaxation response, the very genes that are turned on or off by stress are turned the other way.”

So what’s his remedy for worry-induced wrinkles? Dr. Benson says, “We all are under stress and have many manifestations of that stress. To adequately protect ourselves against stress, we should use an approach and a technique that we believe evokes the relaxation response 20 minutes, once a day.”

So there you have it. Start thinking “Worry-free equals wrinkle-free”, and you just might see—not only feel—the results!