Smart Lipo is an extremely flexible procedure for women and men who have small areas of fat.  This laser liposuction improves body contour without extensive surgery and downtime. Others who have already had a liposuction procedure turn to Smart Lipo to subtly refine their results for the ultimate in fine-tuning.

Get Rid of Love Handles

Fat stores in the area around the waistline causing bulges just above the top of your favorite jeans.  Your shirts fit a bit too snug.  Maybe it’s about vanity, but getting rid of those “love handles” will help you feel better about yourself. Plus you clothes will look better on you.

Smart Lipo Laser Liposuction dissolves fat with gentle laser energy.  This innovative laser body contouring procedure allows you to tighten and shape your body.  The results are a slimmer look and improved skin tone*.

Suck Out the Fat

Dieting as a whole causes weight to be lost across the entire body.  But when you want to spot teat a specific area, like the back, thighs, stomach and even butt, Smart Lipo is the way to go.

Fat removal technology has come a long way since its inception.  The Plastic Surgeon who is performing the procedure is the most important when it comes to results.

With traditional liposuction, the skin tends to hang and is too loose.  With Smart Lipo, the laser energy interacts with the skin which results in proper skin shrinkage and tightening, thus significantly reducing sagging and loose skin.

Slim the Stomach

There are only so many sit-ups one can do to shape the tummy and create that six-pack effect.  When you have that hard to lose areas of fat, especially on the stomach, Smart Lipo is a perfect solution*.

Destroy fat cells below the surface of the skin with this laser technology used by plastic surgeons.  It is important to note that liposuction itself is not a weight-loss tool but can improve the shape of the body.

Streamline Your Arms to Remove “Bat Wings”

Smartlipo is probably the best way to get rid of unwanted fat on the arms*.  In order to ensure the best results, the quality of the skin needs to be in good standing.  The more elastic the skin, the better the Smart Lipo results.  Smart Lipo does tighten the skin up to some degree.

SmartLipo is best for healthy people who are not excessively overweight or who are of reasonably average weight but who have specific localized areas of stubborn fat and who want some body contouring.  To see if you are a candidate for Smart Lipo, schedule a consultation.
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