New technology and innovations are introduced on an everyday basis, and this is no different for the world of fashion and beauty, which is also continuously undergoing transition. Numerous new beauty treatments assist people with chasing the fountain of youth. Why not look younger when you feel so young? One non-invasive treatment that can help restore a youthful appearance is the use of liquid facelifts.

Liquid Facelifts

A liquid facelift is a process using dermal filler injections that plump and smooth facial skin. The goal of these injections is to help restore volume and reduce fine lines and sagging skin on the client’s face to help restore the appearance of volume that we all naturally lose as we age. The result is a youthful appearance without any surgery or downtime!

The Treatment

On average, the procedure can be completed in around an hour, depending on how many syringes are needed to achieve the desired results.

Injectables require little to no downtime. You might have a little swelling or bruising following your treatment, and if you do, it will subside over the next few days.

The results of liquid facelifts are immediately noticeable. This new youthful face can last up to two years, but that all depends on the areas treated, how many syringes were used, and the specific type of filler. Some clients go for a subtle change, and others desire a more dramatic look.


The costs vary from person to person and depend on the number of cosmetic filler syringes required due to the intensity of volume loss. BodyLase offers cosmetic filler starting at $650 per syringe, and several times a year, we will offer discounts within our monthly specials.

Side Effects

As with any treatment, there can be some side effects. However, these are relatively mild. The most common side effects are redness, bruising, and swelling that disappears within a few days. If these symptoms persist, the client should consult with their provider.

Liquid facelifts are beneficial in restoring youthful and radiant skin. It will plump up the skin, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will be minimized. Liquid facelifts are the hidden secret of many celebrities who want to look beautiful and flawless well into their golden years, without having to go under the knife.

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