Your skin is the first thing someone sees when they look at you. Youthful skin glows from within and has an iridescent quality to it. Unfortunately, with time, we often lose that youthful glow as the effects of aging take a toll on our skin. Thankfully, many new treatments are available to halt and even reverse the signs of aging skin.

As we age, the collagen in our skin starts to diminish due to a number of internal and external factors. First, the natural  production of collagen underneath the skin starts to decrease as early as the age of 30. External causes such as sun exposure and pollution also contribute to collagen loss. This collagen loss causes the skin to sag and lose its “plumpness,” which results in wrinkles. To boost collagen production in the skin again, many treatments are available. Such procedures can treat damaged skin and can make it look younger.  Here are some anti-aging treatments that can give long-lasting results:


Ultherapy is one of the best anti-aging treatments. It uses tried and true ultrasound technology to stimulate the production of collagen under the skin, which in turn provides a lift to the face. Ultherapy has been tested clinically and is regarded as very safe. The procedure takes only a couple of hours, but the results continue for up to several years.   Many people love the results of Ultherapy so much that they repeat the procedure every couple of years.


Another popular anti-aging skin treatment is Fraxel. This treatment uses non-ablative laser technology which is less intense than other laser treatments. This less aggressive treatment works best on troubling skin issues such as wrinkles around the eyes, superficial facial wrinkles, and minor scars.  The treated skin becomes fresher and younger with improved tone and smaller pores. Fraxel has been tested and approved by the FDA for skin rejuvenation. Multiple treatments (about 4) are required and, with proper skin care maintenance, the results can last years.

Fractional CO2 Laser

Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing is considered the gold standard of anti-aging treatments.  This treatment stimulates collagen production, targets deeper wrinkles and age spots, and can completely transform the skin.  It offers maximum results with minimal recovery time, with most people returning to work within 5 to 7 days. Although this treatment requires a bit more downtime than other laser treatments, only 1-2 treatments are necessary for excellent results.   Fractional CO2 Laser is regarded as one of  the most effective anti-aging laser treatments on the market today.

When investing in an anti-aging skin treatment, you have many options. Some treatments require multiple sessions while others only require one or two. If you feel that your skin has lost its youthful glow and is starting to show the inevitable signs of aging, BodyLase® can help. Call today and schedule  a consultation with an expert technician from BodyLase® and find out which treatment is best for you and your skin.  Call 919-954-2288 (Raleigh) or 919-851-8989 (Cary).