Hear ye, hear ye. By order of the bride and groom, not only must all wedding guests greet a gaggle of strangers and acquaintances on the day of the festivities, but they must also have their likeness immortalized in no less than one photo with the gloriously made-up bride.

Ever feel like wedding invitations are a decree on looking your best?

Lucky for you, these treatments will help your skin look so great you just might out-shine the bride. Don’t tell her we said so.


Standing next to the bride means all eyes and camera lenses are on you too. Here are quick ways to get skin so radiant, you’ll be drinking in all the attention. Not resenting it.

  • Resurface haggard skin. Often there’s a lot of build-up of dead skin and sebum on the skin’s surface that we just don’t tend to. For smooth radiance you don’t have to rely on primers and foundations. Your skin can become smooth and refreshed with a microdermabrasion facial.
  • Pump up the volume. Ever feel like your daily grind digs its way into your skin—deepening those furrows and sucking the life out of your cheeks. Here’s a way you can improve your skin’s tautness by plumping it up from within. Laser facials send rays deep into your skin to energize your look.

Mother of the Bride

Since your own wedding day, time has done a number on your skin. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look as radiant as your daughter. Revitalize your skin and turn back the clock.

  • Rediscover elasticity. Over the years, you’ve tangoed with gravity. As a result, you now intimately know why they’re called eyebags and turkey wattle. But they don’t have to stay baggy and wattle-like. Laser facials restore collagen to tighten any facial or neck sagging.
  • Cast aside your worries. Ever wonder why in old photos you look stressed and angry when you were actually having a great time? Wrinkles have a cruel way of signaling emotions you aren’t even feeling. Look proud and overjoyed at your daughter’s wedding by smoothing away creases with Botox.
  • Focus on tone. While many hope to chase away crepe-like textured skin, they forget the importance of tone. Banishing splotches can make you look instantly refreshed. So obliterate hyperpigmentation and sunspots with our favorite Vitamin C serum: Obagi Professional-C Serum.

Wedding Guests

You’re always happy to celebrate the union of a loving couple. But ever wonder if your face really shows it? With a rejuvenated luminous complexion, your glow will leave no doubt.

  • Erase dullness. Want radiance but don’t have time for major treatments? Be rid of all those dull layers using a gentle VI Peel. No major redness or painful peeling here. All you’ll experience is light shedding. That’s why it’s the perfect peel for teens too.
  • Amplify your skincare. Great skincare tucked away in medicine cabinets isn’t enough to give you amazing skin. It’s what you do with it that counts. Enter the Clarisonic. This little tool will revolutionize your routine. It makes cleansers cleanse deeper and moisturizers moisturize more effectively.
  • Banish breakouts. Not in the mood to celebrate when your skin’s breaking out? Acne begins to form deep within, taking weeks to surface. This means resisting last-minute breakouts is futile. Obliterate acne before it even starts by killing off bacteria deep down inside with Blu Light Therapy.

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