Are you worried about blotchy, sun-damaged and ruddy-looking skin that often leaves you camera shy? And have you tried everything; I mean everything, to treat your skin problems, but have been unsatisfied with the results? Now is the time to try the “Photoshop” of real life – Intense Pulsed Light Photofacial Therapy or “IPL”.

IPL Photofacial sounds like a laser treatment; however, it is a non-invasive procedure that reduces skin discoloration, fine lines and treats skin blotches and rosacea. The treatment takes 30-60 minutes to complete and results show up gradually over the following few weeks. Depending on the extent of skin damage, 4-5 full face photo facial therapies are recommended to get optimal results.

“Due to its non-invasive nature, it causes very little damage to the skin and proves to be the most efficient and excellent technique to get rid of serious skin problems within no time”, says Katherine Grey, a well-known dermatologist in New York City.

How does it work?

In this non-laser treatment, thermal heat and pulses of light are administered in the form of waves at a specific frequency to penetrate deep into the layers of skin to remove dark spots, broken blood vessels and uneven skin tone. The main purpose of this therapy is skin rejuvenation that is achieved through

  • Constriction of local blood vessels
  • Targeting excess melanin in the skin (pigment)
  • Stimulation of collagen production
  • Reducing discoloration and telangiectasias (fine red lines) and tiny red pimples (in case of rosacea)

IPL may cause a slight tingling sensation to the treated area. However, to reduce discomfort, your skin care specialist can use a special cooling gel that helps to soothe any discomfort.

Ideal Candidate

You are the ideal candidate for IPL photofacial if you have

  • Skin blotches and patches
  • Rosacea or skin flushing
  • Discolored skin, age spots
  • Skin with large pores, acne, freckles and fine lines

Pregnant females and people with naturally dark tone, hyperpigmentation or taking medication like Accutane are not considered ideal candidates. For further information, contact your skin care specialist.

Side Effects and Recovery Time

Because this treatment doesn’t use a laser or any harsh chemicals, the side effects of photo facial therapy are minor. Potential effects are localized swelling, redness (do not confuse it with skin discoloration) and facial flushing. Also, brown spots will initially appear darker and will flake off in 7-10 days. The recovery time is very short; however, it often depends upon the extent of damaged area, the amount of collagen and skin thickness (how delicate your skin is).

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Obtain the flawless skin you are looking for and be ready for a summer of flawless photos with a photofacial.

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