Uneven Skin Tone

An uneven skin tone and rough skin texture can develop due to frequent sun exposure and the gradual process of aging. Having a skin care regimen can serve as a great means of maintaining your skin health, but in some cases, it may simply not be enough. At our BodyLase® medspas, we believe that outer beauty plays a big role in sustaining inner wellness. To help you stay beautiful and happy, we provide a range of treatment options for improving uneven skin tone concerns. Our treatments include the Hydrafacial®, the Fraxel® laser, and many more.

How Does Uneven Skin Tone Develop?

Cells called melanocytes are the primary thing responsible for the development of uneven skin tone issues. When there is an influx of these cells, skin discoloration and dark spots or patches tend to appear in different areas of our skin. An uneven complexion is often difficult to conceal with makeup and typically requires aesthetic intervention to properly resolve. If you’re looking for an effective treatment option to help improve your skin, our dedicated staff is ready to help you.

Options for Improving Skin Tone

At BodyLase®, we offer laser, radiofrequency, and facial treatment options to help you get the most out of your visit. Our treatments are mostly non-invasive and can deliver exceptional results in less than an hour per session. When you arrive at either our Cary or Raleigh office, we will explore your specific skin needs and determine which treatment is the best option for you. Our selection includes:

Uneven Skin Tone Treatments in North Carolina

Enhance the beauty of your skin today by scheduling your appointment at our Raleigh or Cary MedSpa office. For Raleigh, dial (919) 954-2288 or book in Cary by calling (919) 851-8989. We also provide online scheduling via the form below. Our dedicated BodyLase® team is standing by to give you the best possible outcome from your visit.