Sagging Skin

Though its appearance may be inevitable, sagging skin doesn’t have to be a persistent part of your look. Until now, those of us experiencing skin laxity haven’t had many treatment options beyond surgery. However, recent advancements in the aesthetics industry have made improving the appearance of skin all the easier. Here at BodyLase® Med Spa, we offer laser and radiofrequency treatments for enhanced skin tightening results. If you want to tighten loose skin on your face or body, we welcome you to get in touch with one of our North Carolina medspas and find your ideal solution today.


What Causes Sagging Skin?

Sagging skin occurs as our bodies gradually produce less and less collagen over time. Losing a lot of weight quickly or exposing your skin to sunlight without protection can also accelerate this process, leading to greater skin laxity. Similarly, environmental irritants and genetic factors can also play a big role in the development of skin laxity. Without intervention from an aesthetics specialist, the aging process will only worsen over time. Therefore, stopping by one of our medspas for a refreshing treatment may be an excellent choice.

How Can We Treat Sagging Skin?

At BodyLase®, we offer treatment options to tackle the appearance of sagging skin and get you the look you want. Along with providing chemical peels and facials for hyperpigmentation issues, we also offer radiofrequency and laser services for aging signs such as sagging. Our Morpheus8 device is a microneedling system with Radiofrequency technology that not only stimulates collagen production but also enhances the contours of your face without the need for surgery. Laser facials and IPL Photofacials boost your natural collagen production and are a great option for less severe skin laxity. If you’re interested in learning more about these treatments, please visit the pages below:

Sagging Skin Treatments in North Carolina

Here at BodyLase® Med Spa, we provide a variety of treatment options to help you get the skin you want. For relief from sagging skin and other similar issues, call our Raleigh MedSpa office at (919) 954-2288 or book at our Cary MedSpa office by calling (919) 851-8989. To schedule online, you can also fill out and submit the form below. We look forward to meeting you.