Enlarged Pores

Large, clogged pores can become really noticeable, especially up close. Often, enlarged pores tend to fill with excessive amounts of oil and debris, causing acne, blackheads, and other complications that irritate our skin and cause acne. As they grow in size, these pores may have a significant impact on your appearance. To make matters worse, clogged pores can often succumb to infections. If you’ve noticed your skin looking dirty or if you’re having acne breakouts, cleaning your pores may be an excellent solution. At BodyLase® Med Spa, we offer a range of treatments to help clean your skin and give you the clear, acne-free look you’ve always wanted.


What Causes Enlarged Pores?

Our bodies are covered by tiny vellus hairs, and each follicle is attached to a sebaceous gland that produces a natural oil. When this oil is produced, it is stored within our pores. Ordinarily, our pores are able to maintain their size despite the amount of oil our skin produces, but certain factors can lead to dilated pores. Decreased skin elasticity, increased hair follicle volume, and abnormally excessive sebum (oil) production can all contribute to enlarged pores. Once pores get clogged, cleaning them can become a hassle.

Treatments for Enlarged Pores

Our Raleigh and Cary medspas have been furnished to create a relaxing atmosphere. Our professional team does everything possible to help you feel at ease while we administer your treatments. We offer both facial options and laser treatments for addressing pore size. All of our treatments are non-surgical and can deliver beautiful results without the need for excessive downtime. To learn about each of our enlarged pore treatment options, please visit the pages below:

Treating Enlarged Pores in North Carolina

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