The dimpling and uneven skin caused by cellulite are something we can all live without. Unfortunately, this problem is quite common, especially for those struggling with excess fat. However cellulite isn’t your fault, it’s just a natural part of women’s biology. In the past, home remedies and over-the-counter serums were futile in addressing this issue. Thankfully, the answer is finally here; QWO® injectable solution, a first of its kind. This treatment goes to work almost immediately, dissolving fibrous septae and improving the appearance of your skin. To learn more and experience this treatment firsthand, schedule an appointment at one of our North Carolina medspas today.


How Does This Issue Occur?

The exact causes of cellulite are not currently known, but a link has been found between the connective tissue below the skin and the layer of fat underneath it. In women, fat cells and connective tissue in this layer are arranged vertically and these cells can protrude into the layer of skin. This gives skin that characteristic dimpled appearance. In men, this tissue has a criss-cross structure, which may explain why it is less likely for men to have this problem.

QWO® Injections for Cellulite

QWO® is the first FDA-approved injectable treatment for reducing the appearance of cellulite in select areas of your body, specifically the buttocks and thighs. Once injected into the problem area, this treatment goes to work by dissolving fibrous septae that are drawing the skin down to the deeper tissue. As the septae is dissolved, a tethering effect causes the skin to float up and away from the deeper tissues, giving your skin a much smoother appearance.

Cellulite Reduction in North Carolina

Easing the appearance of cellulite is now possible thanks to the QWO® injectable treatment. Try this treatment for yourself today by dialing (919) 954-2288 to book in our Raleigh MedSpa office or (919) 851-8989 to book in our Cary MedSpa office. To schedule online, simply fill out and submit the appointment form below.