Age Spots

With age comes the appearance of aging skin. As we get older, age spots, brown spots, and wrinkles all make an appearance and can be exacerbated by frequent sun exposure. Sadly, there’s no easy way to prevent these issues from occurring or getting more severe. However, proper skin care and treatment options are out there and can help you restore the youthful radiance of your skin. At BodyLase® Med Spa, we happily offer a range of both laser and skincare options to help you feel beautiful again.


How Do Age Spots Occur?

Age spots develop due to the increase of overactive cells in our skin. The appearance of these spots, as well as concerns such as melasma and sun damage, is caused mainly by melanin clumping and ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. Though we know the cause of these spots, predicting when or where they will show up is practically impossible. Some age spots can take a long time to develop, while others can appear seemingly overnight.

How to Get Rid of Age Spots

Here at our North Carolina med spas, we offer a range of treatments for addressing age spots and other pigmentation concerns. All of these treatments are non-invasive and  require minimal downtime post-treatment. When you arrive at either our Raleigh or Cary med spa, we will take the time to evaluate your skin and determine which option is the best for you. We offer the following treatments:

Treating Age Spots in North Carolina

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