You probably know by now the host problems that can come with class reunions. Romy and Michele graciously demonstrated the more serious offenses for us in 1997. Only to save us from committing the same reunion crimes, of course. So before you’re off to your own high school or alma mater shindig, let’s review those key lessons. Number one: you’ll be outed if you wrongly claim the ingenious invention of the Post-it. Number two: business suits worn to class reunions are not so hot. Bonus lesson: Mini sheaths adorned with feathers in sparkly pink and blue are also not so hot for class reunions.

But here are a few things about reunions you might not already know. Class reunions are actually quite enjoyable. They present the opportunity to catch up with your besties from the good old days and share all those years that weren’t documented by schoolbook scribbles folded into secret notes. And ahhh, the reminiscing! Don’t say we didn’t warn you, because collectively remembering times that were once filled with hope, promise, and youthful skin will definitely happen.

Just one word of advice though: don’t just remember how good you looked, look as good as you feel on this special occasion! Cast off those years with some helpful tips from BodyLase®.

  • Exercise is always good. We all know it. But a busy family life and professional schedule can easily take priority most weeks. So just in preparation for this occasion, try your hardest to work your schedule around an extra 30 minutes of focused exercise three times a week. You’ll body will feel better and look it too.
  • Consider a mini-makeover. No we’re not suggesting you do a full overhaul. (And hey, ladies, you probably don’t need it!) All that’s needed is a careful look in the mirror, so you can tend to any grooming oversights that have accrued over the past few busy months. Touch up those roots, get a flattering haircut, or ask a makeup artist for advice on whether you’re wielding your makeup palette to its full potential.
  • Just days before the big hoopla, don’t forget to tend to your tips. Schedule a mani-pedi combo in advance, and use the appointment to treat yourself with calm relaxation and positive thinking. Envision the great time you’re going to have with old friends. See how we just did that—two birds with one stone?
  • Many photos will be taken. And there’s a great possibility you’ll be in them! So to care for your Cheshire cat grin, look into teeth whitening. And if you’ve got parentheses forming around your smile, find out about how dermal fillers can make your smile younger.
  • Improve the quality of your skin at home. Obagi skin care system offers hydroquinone, the powerful gold standard in treating skin discoloration. The Obagi brand’s hydroquinone penetrates below the skin’s surface to transform skin cell functions at the cellular level and correct the damage within. The result: healthy, younger-looking skin revealed. So what are our favorite Obagi picks? Obagi Clear is a topical treatment that includes 4% hydroquinone to correct hyperpigmentation, even skin tone, and improve overall appearance starting from within. Obagi Blender is another high quality topical treatment that contains 4% hydroquinone. It’s built not only to target hyperpigmented areas of the skin but also to increase the penetration of its active ingredients into your skin.
  • If you’re skin needs major renewal don’t just settle for letting your old photos show you up! To help you on this one, thankfully there’s a simple way to pump youth back into those cells. A series of IPL Photofacials or Fraxel treatments can push away those wrinkles, rid you of lingering acne scars, and clear your face of age spots or sun discoloration. Contact us to find out what treatment will work best for you.

If there’s one rule to sum up this series of reunion tips, it’s this: you’re loving life and why not let everyone know it!