The New Year is a time to reflect on where we are and where we want to be. Many people make goals for self-improvement. While these goals can vary, having the self-confidence and believing you can achieve them is the first step. One way to build confidence and start the New Year on the right foot is to revitalize your skin with a fresh look. A chemical peel is a great way to begin this process by shedding away the skin of last year and starting new!

How a Chemical Peel Works

A chemical peel is a safe, quick and effective non-surgical cosmetic treatment that creates a glowing and youthful look. This treatment expertly focuses on improving the surface, skin tone, and texture of the skin. A formula is applied to the skin, inducing exfoliation and stimulating new cell growth. The process creates a controlled shedding of the top layers of skin, leaving a fresh, luminous complexion.

There are many benefits to having a chemical peel treatment. The results of this treatment can improve or minimize common skin flaws including:

  • Acne – controls breakouts by eliminating excess oil
  • Wrinkles – minimizes and softens wrinkles and fine lines
  • Pores – reduces pore size appearance
  • Skin Discoloration – fades age spots, sun damage, and freckles
  • Scars – refines mild acne scarring
  • Skin Appearance – improves skin firmness, tone, and texture

In general, a chemical peel revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin. By shedding the top layers of skin, new, softer skin is exposed, revealing a youthful complexion that can lift the self-image of anyone.

What to Expect During the Treatment

Your BodyLase provider will assess your skin type and condition to determine the best formula to use for the desired results. The surface of the skin is then cleaned and prepared for the chemical peel treatment. The solution is then applied gently and left on the skin for about 10 minutes; it is then neutralized and gently removed with a neutralizing solution. The whole procedure takes only 30 minutes.

What to Expect After

Depending on the depth and type of solution used, it takes 3 to 10 days before the skin begins to peel. Some solutions cause mild flaking while others produce a more dramatic shedding of the skin. Although there is no downtime, there is some follow-up care required such as reduced exposure to the sun. Your BodyLase aesthetician will explain all after treatment care necessary to obtain the best results.

To help start your year with a new look BodyLase will be hosting a “Chemical Peels VI Peel” Day. Schedule your appointment on January 24th to receive a ViPeel for only $250 (regularly $300) OR get a free ViPeel when you purchase a package of 5! For more information contact BodyLase at 919-954-2288 (Raleigh) or 919-851-8989 (Cary).