Water babies, before it’s time to slap on that suit and take to the beaches, let’s review our checklist. Bikini line? Smooth! Legs? Sleek! Body?… Wait, what’s this? You forgot to smooth out your curves! Apple figure, pear shape, hourglass curves. Whatever your figure—if you got it, flaunt it! But bulging, clumps and uneven skin are a totally different ball game altogether. And that game’s called fat.

Not all fat problems are created equal, we know. So here’s a guide that breaks it down.
We review the three main fat problems that plague our dreams of swimsuit perfection. Find out what kind of fat problem you have.

Women in the 50s wearing swimsuits at the beach

Holy Craters!

Dimples. So cute with smiles. Not so hot on thighs. Skin should be smooth, not like the pockmarked vista of an exotic lunar landscape. For cellulite sufferers, it’s all about texture… improving the quality of texture.

BodyLase offers TriActive Laser Treatments as a noninvasive way to reduce cellulite. How does TriActive work? Six diode lasers penetrate the skin to prompt collagen production. Boosted collagen levels will help increase skin elasticity and smoothness, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Also to tackle that uneven texture at home, try using a firming cream. BodyLase recommends Vivite Body Daily Firming Lotion.

Smooth as Butter Special
Tackle cellulite and get smooth for summer. For the month of May, BodyLase is offering a Triactive Package at $150 off! Our Triactive Cellulite Reduction Package (regularly priced at $890) includes 10 treatments to see you on your way to a smoother look.

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Battle of the Bulge

Sculptors want their picture-perfect sculptures to be free of random nicks and chips. Likewise you certainly don’t want awkward pockets of lumps and bumps as you prance around in your suit. Woefully, the smallest of fat bulges are often the most resistant.

SmartLipo literally sculpts your body, targeting those fat pockets which have long resisted your regime of diet and exercise. Thanks to the precision of our doctors and the small size of a SmartLipo tube, the trickiest fat pockets can be tackled. Small incisions and gentle movements mean that this treatment is minimally invasive. In other words, you get to reduce fat with very little down time!

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Dangerous Curves Ahead!

Sometimes curves just get out of control. So much that it’s no longer about saucy seduction and more about flabby twists and turns. If you’re in this category, you can get on your way to trimming your shape in just a matter of weeks without even a mention of nip or tuck.

Zerona Laser treatments are great for overall slimming and body contouring. This is a non-invasive fat-burning laser that target problem areas. Zerona laser treatment liquefies fat within the subcutaneous tissue. After the fat is liquefied, your body’s natural detoxification system will filter the fat out of your body.

Waist, hips and thighs are commonly targeted all together. Many of BodyLase clients have experienced a reduction of 4-9 inches with Zerona.

Body Contouring Special
Shape your curves. For the month of May, BodyLase is offering our Zerona Laser Package at $250 off! Our Zerona Laser Package (regularly priced at $1800) include 6 treatments that will boost your body towards summer’s shipshape standards.

Got questions about our Body Contouring Special or Smooth As Butter Special? Leave a note below or get in touch!