Ok, we can go with the Pinot Grigio but, I’m telling ya, those wine bottles don’t match the table cloth. Sound familiar? Without fail every bride-to-be descends into a state of acute visual awareness. But on the day of the do, the last thing she wants to worry about is the way her skin looks. Brides, that’s why we’ve created a primer to coach you through the dos and don’ts of ultimate wedding skin. Forget about skin stress and save your wedding day worries for wondering whether the floral arrangements have arrived on time.

Great skin takes a lot of commitment. So get crackin’!

Weight Control

Many brides focus on losing weight before the wedding. They say anything to look fab in the dress. But before you start your super-regimented health kick, beware. Losing too much weight can really show in your face. Chances are that your face and body look gorgeous the way they do. So going on a drastic weight-loss plan just months before your wedding could mean that you’ll be looking a little saggy in white.

Happiness Cocktail

But no one says toning up and staying fit is bad for your skin. In fact, exercise is the healthiest ways to de-stress during times of wedding planning. Hitting the gym or pounding the pavement is a great way take the edge of those bridezilla nerves. But what does it do for your skin? Higher heart rates can help you release a cocktail of happy hormones. Sweating helps release nasty toxins while also cleansing your pores. For an extra pore-cleansing boost, be sure to hit the sauna! In the end it’ll all show in your glow.

Home Revival

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While the BodyLase® team will do our best to ensure that you get the right treatment to get you glowing on your special day, it’s really essential to put in some effort at home. Be sure to wash your face regularly. It might sound like child’s play, but are you doing it right? Make sure you’re using a cleanser that’s perfectly suited to your skin type. If have some doubts about your current cleanser choice or you’re just not sure about your skin type, feel free to come on into BodyLase® for a recommendation. We’re currently loving the entire range of Obagi. This brand has something for every skin type. And to make your skin even more radiant nothing beats the exfoliating genius of a Clarisonic brush.

Glow and Lashes Special
If you grab the Clarisonic Brush in June 2011, you’re in for a treat. For every Clarisonic Brush purchase we’re giving away a FREE Latisse. That means you’ll be able to get your skin glowing and your lashes growing naturally! Visit BodyLase to grab this special while it’s on!

Go the Extra Mile

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They say a little good goes a long way. And if you’re taking your vitamins and drinking plenty of water, you’ll see that the extra effort will really pay off in the long run. Nutritionists have discovered that what we eat is really linked to what appears on our face. For more essential tips on how to care for your skin from the inside out check out our Nutritional Skin Foods Guide.

Eliminate the Baddies

To help those teeth shine brighter and that skin to glow bigger, try kicking some bad habits. If you’re following all the tips above, you’re already doing a lot of good already for your body. So why not take the final steps? Stop smoking and reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake. Smoking causes wrinkles in the long run. But did you know that even in a short span of time, smoking can really pronounce your lip wrinkles? Alcohol and caffeine on the other hand really affect your hydration levels, which tends to show up directly on your skin.

What are your secrets for great wedding day skin? Add your tips in the comments below.