There are a few ways men can manage the growth on their back or chest. Now we know each guy has his own preference. But whether he likes it wooly or sleek, there’s a technique to each method. So here are some tips to help your man de-forest or simply manage the fuzz depending on how he flies. And remember for those hard to reach areas (i.e. the entire back region) it’s probably best to enlist the help of a caring, considerate soul.

Trim It

To each his own right? For those who like to look a little rugged, keeping it au naturel might be the best option. But even natural has the tendency to get out of hand. To tame the organic look simply trim it with a body trimmer. Most of the same beard shaving rules apply.

So to start cleanse the region, gently exfoliating the skin to prepare it for the big grooming event. Set the body trimmer to the desired gauge and go against the grain. Just like his beard, body hair can get tugged during the trimming process. So if his skin feels a little tender afterwards, don’t be afraid suggest pulling in a soothing aftershave at the end of the trimming session.

Shave It

This is probably the most popular at-home method of body hair maintenance. Ironically it’s probably the most painful and inefficient. Shaving chest or back hair offers rather short-term payoff, while risking a lot of pain. This man-grooming method usually results in lots of ingrown hairs (those body hairs are pretty stubborn) and nicks (body’s curves make for a rather tricky terrain). Just like the body hair trimming process, the body hair shaving process is much like beard shaving.

Always start each session under the shower with cleansing and exfoliation. This reduces the formation of ingrown hairs and the possibility of pushing bacteria into your skin. Though it may seem counterintuitive, start with a trim. This allows your man to get a solid shave on a more manageable surface. After trimming, work shaving foam or gel into your skin. Shave with the grain to avoid getting painful bumps on your chest and back that could be easily irritated with the rubbing of your shirt against your skin. If his skin feels a little sensitive, advise him to pat some soothing aftershave onto the freshly groomed region.

Wax It

Unless your guy’s a pro at wielding a hot tub of wax, we recommend that he goes in to see a specialist. Skin on the back and chest is sensitive. So a do-it-yourself waxing episode could end in tears. But he’s intrepid right? And he always insists upon braving new territories? Ok, then all the more power to him. Here’s how it works!

Apply thin film of softened-but-not-overheated wax to a region, holding the spatula at a 45 degree angle and moving with the grain of your hair. Immediately place a strip over the gooey-fied area. Stroke this down firmly. Now here comes the fun part: pull skin taut and pull the strip quickly, going against the direction of hair growth. Sounds a bit daunting? Well, it is. And he might be having second thoughts about the DIY-waxing session. If so, then tell him to come in to BodyLase®, and we’ll be happy to help. Just remember that despite having courageously gritted teeth through the pain, your guy will probably have to hit the wax again after a few weeks.

Laser It

The best way he can groom his body hair is to simply to tame it permanently. More and more guys are coming in each year for back or chest hair removal. It’s become so popular that at BodyLase® it’s actually our number one treatment for guys. Many say the reason they choose this route is they no longer want to worry about grooming these tender, difficult regions before a weekend away at the beach, or they no longer want to rope their wife into helping them tackle this seemingly impossible mission.

Is he expressing interest in taking the plunge? Here’s what happens. Our technician will prepare the skin for this process. As the laser is moved over the target region, rays will penetrate and kill the hair root. Some guys want to simply reduce some furriness. In that case Laser Hair Removal can be used to thin hairy regions. Others want to be rid of the fuzz once and for all. For these guys, a series of Laser Hair Removal sessions can turn Shaggy into smooth and sleek stud.