Want that holiday glow to spread across your face in more than just a smile? While youthful radiance is never out of reach, it’s also never too early to start bumping up positive skincare habits. Here are some time-tested anti-wrinkle mantras—especially crafted for those who need the occasional mnemonic nudge.

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We’ve all heard it before: sunrays will track your face with wrinkles as deep and dry as ravines. To deter that fiendish foe, some obvious dos are wear sunscreen daily, stay out of the sun, and don’t be tempted by the gilded promise of the tanning booth. Embrace your natural tone and your years will be kind, we promise.

But have you ever heard of this? To hinder the weary lines of age, wear sunglasses! It’ll protect the sensitive, delicate skin around your eyes. This gentle area—prone to wrinkles and dryness—will stay plump and wrinkle-free thanks to your extra care.


As you deeply inhale during a workout or a de-stressing session at your office desk, you’re pulling in all that honest-to-goodness O. But are you aware of the wrinkle-causing culprits that linger in the atmosphere?

Secondhand smoke, gasoline fumes, and general urban pollution can be very detrimental to your skin’s youth. To avoid prematurely greeting any unwelcome wrinkles, kindly ask that nearby smoker to take his ciggie downwind or steal some time to relish the great open-air outside your urban bubble.

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As any dermatologist will say, it’s never too early to start taking care of your skin. No matter your age, get started on a healthy skincare regimen. 5-step or 1-step, whatever intensity you desire—simply do something for your skin.

Not sure where to start? Vivite’s stellar line of anti-aging skincare products offers all that you might need as a newbie or veteran anti-wrinkle warrior.

Before any other step, cleanse your face of dirt and built up sebum. Then give your face a treat, and exfoliate to slough off dead skin cells. Daily moisturize for light daytime hydration and sunscreen protection. And don’t forget that night cream to pump your skin’s hydration into overdrive while also promoting repair, collagen production and more.

Products with glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin D or Vitamin E are amazing for your skin’s regeneration and wrinkle-smoothed appearance. Come into our spa to find out what product will work best for you.


When your parents tucked you in as a child, wrinkles were the last thing on your mind. Snuggled between comforter and pillow, you didn’t dream of the onslaught of age.

But sleep, it seems, causes wrinkles. And as your face presses sweetly against your pillow, you grow one groove deeper. How to avoid what seems like the unavoidable? Train your Jedi-self to sleep on your back. Not that talented, you say? Try investing in a satin pillowcase—less creasing and bunching on your face equals less wrinkles.

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If you’ve already hazarded down the path of wrinkles, what else can be done? Don’t mistakenly dismiss the aforementioned dos for the more youthful among us. It’s important to incorporate anti-wrinkle habits at any point in life.

In the meantime, before those accumulative positive results start kicking in, here’s a way to iron out the kinks. Botox and injectable fillers are a great way to get smooth before the slew of holiday parties. Call BodyLase to see how we can work on the damage already done.