You are so set for summertime fun that you’re practically already horizontal on a lounge chair. But beware of the sun scares!

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. So BodyLase® is promoting good habits for reducing your risks of melanoma, the most serious of sun scares, as well as other sun problems. Everyone loves a little sun. That’s why every time you step out of the shade it’s important to manage your risks. Check out this guide to find out how we chase away the sun scares.

Skin Cancer Awareness

Sun. It’s undeniably wonderful. Thanks to that golden orb in the sky we can enjoy longer days, ripe fruit and weekends at the beach. But oy, those sun problems! The worst problem being skin cancer. One out of every 3 cancer patients suffers from skin cancer. It’s the most common cancer in the world. In this year alone, around 65,000 people will die from skin cancer.

As you throw on your suit and sunnies, remember to the following:

  • Grab some shade! Avoid peak sun times between 10 am to 4 pm.
  • Cover up! Bare shoulders are often the most obvious victims to sunburns. But skin cancer does not discriminate. Be sure to watch out for your face, legs, tummy, and back. Care for them just as much as you take care to cover up your shoulders.
  • Slather up! When you do plan to get some sun, be sure to apply high levels of SPF protection. For more info on sunscreen that’s works for your skin type and needs, check out these mineral-based sunscreens.

All in all, be smart about your summer sun time. Or as Skin Cancer Foundation advises, just go with your own glow!

Pigment Puzzles Solved

No matter your complexion, it’s important to take cover. “There’s a misconception that if you have darker skin, you will not get melanoma,” says Dr. Claudio Dansky Ullmann, a researcher at the National Cancer Institute. Naturally pigmented skin is, of course, less sensitive to the sun. But just because you might not burn like your porcelain buddy sitting beside you, this doesn’t mean you’re immune to the sun scares. So, no matter your skin type, be wary of your sun time!

Cantaloupe slices on a green plate

Internal Damage Rescue

Who knew that delicious melon wedges could combat the effects of sun damage!

UV rays cause your cells to experience oxidative stress. And in turn oxidative stress can lead to diseases like skin cancer. Antioxidants can help your cells reverse nasty oxidative damage. Lucky for us, some of our most favorite foods is filled with antioxidizing super powers. Cantaloupe is chock full of superoxide dismutase, an important enzymatic antioxidant. Other great antioxidizing food choices include green tea (thanks to the antioxidizing effects of flavinoids), tomatoes (lycopene), red grapes (resveratrol and quercetin), and spinach (lutein).

Reversing Tell-Tale Signs

Sun damage rears its ugly head in many forms. Hyper-pigmentation, rough skin, sun spots, and wrinkles are some common offenders. At BodyLase® there are various ways to reduce the appearance of sun damage. Facial peels can help gently slough off the topmost layers of damaged skin. For more intensive treatments, check out other procedures including IPL Photofacial (which reduces spots and uneven pigmentation caused by sun damage) and Fraxel (which tightens and smoothes saggy, leathery, wrinkled skin resulting from long-term sun damage).

For more information on how to combat sun damage with our spa products or reverse the signs of sun damage with our treatments, leave us a note below or give us call!