Before and after hip results | bodylase®The secret’s out. The European way to lipo has hit State-side and it’s quickly becoming a new favorite. Recently FDA-approved, SmartLipo is coming to BodyLase in Raleigh this October. Discover how SmartLipo easily melts the pounds.


SmartLipo is minimally invasive procedure that’s perfect for the removal of small fat deposits and the sculpting of small problem areas. SmartLipo, with an integration of laser technology, is the latest innovation in fat removal procedures. As it liquefies fat, the small laser actually also seals blood vessels. As a result, there is less pain, less swelling, less bruising and less bleeding.


This laser-assisted lipolysis procedure is administered with a small cannula which contains a laser probe. Low-level lasers melt fat deposits, which are then aspirated through the small cannula. Intensive research demonstrates that most, if not all, fat is accurately aspirated by the cannula and not reabsorbed by the patient’s body. Due to this precise method there is significantly less bruising and less pain than what’s experienced with traditional liposuction. SmartLipo allows patients to recover in just a couple of days!

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Traditional methods of invasive fat removal, like traditional liposuction, are better suited for treating large problem areas. SmartLipo’s small cannula requires only a small incision through which careful, small movements result in fat liquidation. SmartLipo’s smaller cannula allows the physician to carefully work on small areas, which allows for fine sculpting of problem areas in a way that traditional liposuction simply can’t! Because the process is conducted on small areas, only local anesthetic is needed. SmartLipo can be completed while you’re conscious and standing, which actually helps the physican achieve a tighter, more accurate shape.


Lipolysis’ fat-liquefying action equals faster results, finer sculpting, and quicker recovery time. Smaller incisions and less-invasive techniques allow the body to heal more quickly than traditional liposuction methods. SmartLipo’s low-level laser beams also help stimulate collagen production, resulting in skin tightening. This means, SmartLipo actually prompts your skin to naturally adjust to your trimmer shape.

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