Sweat. Diet. Disappointment. Repeat. Is your mission to reduce insufferable stomach sag on instant replay? Break the never-ending loop this summer and finally feel confidence about hitting the beach in your water-time skivvies. Try these ridiculously easy tips to erase your wrinkly, stretched stomach. The sooner you do, the quicker you’ll say hello to a toned and trim tummy!

No-Diet Diet Tips

You’ve tried cutting back calories and saying no to sweet treats. And from the darkest depths of hunger and wild cravings, you stare at your sagging stomach only to wonder what all this sacrifice is for. Forget the diet and suffer no more! Try these easy diet adjustments to slim your waistline.

Let’s begin with the basics! Is bloating contributing to an already imperfect belly? Though it might seem counterintuitive, drinking more water actually brings down bloating. High sodium levels of cause gas retention, or bloating. On the other hand, water rebalances sodium levels and reduces gas-related swelling. Caffeine and alcohol act as diuretics which flush water from your system. So be sure to cut down on your intake on those too.

For those who’ve tried dieting, remember the hunger pangs that dominated those long stretches between meals? Despite your reduced caloric intake, the habit of being hungry actually encourages an imperfect tummy. When insulin surges on an empty stomach, your body responds by storing fat—and that’s fat you don’t want! Alter your eating routine to include 4 to 6 six small meals a day. This helps keep your insulin levels steady. Also be sure to eat bigger meals during the day and save your smallest meal for dinner. Studies show that heavy-dinner eaters have slower, more sluggish metabolism than folks who concentrate 75% of their calories in the meals before dinner.

Sneaky Belly Moves

Are you a workout fiend who’s fully committed to cardio and abdominal work? Or are you simply sick of sit-ups? For those who need extra homework as well as those who just want a change of pace, these sneaky moves bring tummy-tightening beyond the walls of your gym.

Make the most of stationary time spent at your desk by reducing your paunch. Inhale deeply and breathe out. As you exhale, draw your belly-button towards your spine, engaging all your abdominal muscles as tight as you can. Hold this position for a few seconds. Begin with 10 breathes. Next time you find yourself seated, work your way up to 20 breathes. Continue this sequence, working your way up to as many holds as you can.

Transform long periods of waiting into stomach-sculpting sessions. At your doctor’s office, at a red light, in a checkout line, any moment can be utilized for this blitz. Quickly tighten and release your abdominal muscles in lightening quick succession. Engage your muscles are hard as you can. And be sure to release your muscles completely. Try to see how fast you can do this move.

Quick Slim

So you’ve done all the right things—dieting, running, crunching. But above a tight tummy your stomach skin still sags. Well, you no longer have to live with a flappy, sagging, wrinkly stomach.

CoolSculpting Elite is a non-invasive procedure that tackles the stubborn areas that won’t budge even with proper diet and exercise. This procedure uses a freezing technique that isolates and targets fat cells beneath the skin’s surface. These frozen cells die and are absorbed into the body, leaving healthy skin tissues unaffected.

Whether your imperfect stomach is a result of weight loss, pregnancy or just something you’ve always had, CoolScuplting can help. It is a nearly painless way to rid yourself of unwanted stomach fat and have the fit body you’ve worked so hard for!