If you are struggling with your weight, you are familiar with the fact that the weight-loss journey can get pretty frustrating. A weight-loss journey can take a lot of time and effort and still not give you the results you desire. There are always those problem areas that don’t seem to get smaller with weight loss. Thankfully, there are body contouring methods that can help and offer long-lasting results, and CoolSculpting Elite is one of them. Let’s talk a bit more about CoolSculpting Elite and what it can do for you.

How Does CoolSculpting Elite Work?

CoolSculpting Elite is a noninvasive, non-surgical procedure that is used to remove body fat in stubborn areas permanently. How does the method work?

When two doctors noticed the reduction of fat cells in the cheeks of children who were frequent popsicle eaters, they decided to test their theory on fat cells in other areas of the body. They developed technology that could cool cells to below 40 degrees without damaging the skin cells.

The process does not require surgery, anesthesia, or drugs. CoolSculpting Elite is done by using precisely controlled cooling technology that freezes the fat cells that lie underneath the skin. Those fat cells are destroyed. In the weeks following the procedure, the body naturally flushes the dead fat cells out of the body. Less fat cells result in a slimmer body contour.

Are The Results Permanent?

CoolSculpting Elite permanently eliminates the affected fat cells from the body, which means you will never regain them! However, it is essential to note that CoolSculpting Elite is not a magic procedure that is going to heal all of your weight-related problems. The fat cells that remain can still increase in size if you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is why it’s essential to continue to eat right and exercise following your CoolSculpting Elite treatments. 

Maintenance Is Required for Permanent Results

When CoolSculpting Elite is applied to a specific area, it does not remove every single fat cell, just enough to achieve the desired results. The remaining cells have the potential to expand, leading to a change in your body shape. Maintaining your post-treatment body will preserve the final results of the CoolSculpting Elite treatment. CoolSculpting Elite is not a weight-loss program; it is a body sculpting procedure to help you, in addition to exercise and eating right.

A healthy regime prevents the remaining fat cells from enlarging and a change in shape occurring.  We recommend maintenance treatments in addition to a healthy lifestyle to maintain your desired shape for years to come!

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