Did you know that just 25 percent of women and men report that they’re delighted with their physical appearance? That means the vast majority of people are unhappy with some part of their body. Neck and jawline are high on the list. If you’re dissatisfied with these areas, what can be done? Is there any way to reduce a double chin and get a defined jawline? CoolSculpting is a great option to consider.

If your double chin is resisting all other efforts to reduce it, Coolsculpting offers a non-invasive and safe alternative to surgery or liposuction. Treating your chin with CoolSculpting can make that double chin disappear once and for all.

Is CoolSculpting Under the Chin Safe?

CoolSculpting achieves the desired results without any need for surgery, unlike other fat-reducing and body sculpting procedures. CoolSculpting comes with no risks associated with surgery or anesthesia, which is an important factor to consider when deciding on choosing the right body sculpting treatment.

The Process of CoolSculpting the Double Chin

The process of treating the double chin with CoolSculpting consists of three steps: consultation, treatment, and recovery.


Meeting your provider is the first step in any body sculpting treatment. During the consultation, you can and should ask every question you have about the treatment. Our team will also discuss the treatment in-depth, the results you’d like to achieve, a customized treatment plan, the number of treatments needed, the cost, and what results you can expect.


At BodyLase, you will receive your treatment in our deluxe CoolSculpting suite! We provide blankets, access to Netflix to watch your favorite shows, healthy snacks, and will even bring you lunch!

The CoolSculpting session begins with a gel pad applicator being applied to your neck area and jawline. Controlled cooling is delivered to the area through that applicator, which causes the fat cells in your chin to freeze. The best part about CoolSculpting is that once these fat cells are destroyed, they are gone forever!

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive and quick procedure that allows you to read, scroll Instagram, or check your emails while it takes place. Many patients take a nap during their 30 to 60-minute session.

Patients who have had CoolSculpting done have reported a mild and temporary sensation of slight pulling, pinching or tugging, as a result of the vacuum used in the treatment, but little to no pain.


Considering that CoolSculpting involves no cutting, there is no recovery time. Immediately following the procedure, you are free to return to normal activities like work or school.

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