As more of the public becomes aware of Micro-Needling and its excellent benefits to the skin, the question of frequency pops up. Is this a one-time treatment, or will it take several sessions to achieve the desired results? These are smart questions to ask so decisions about a timeline and costs can be made. Here is what one needs to know about the frequency of having Micro-Needling done.

Even skin tone and smoother texture will be the results of using Micro-Needling. In addition, his treatment reduces the look of acne scars and leaves a polished, silky skin surface. The stimulation of collagen production also helps significantly minimize the appearance of large pores.

The Healing Period

Micro-Needling involves creating tiny micro-channels in the skin, which stimulates the production of new, healthy collagen. These perforations quickly close within an hour after the procedure has been conducted. Any redness that forms on the skin fades after 12-48 hours. The use of hyaluronic acid helps speed up the healing process.

The healing process and the time involved will also depend mainly on the intensity of the procedure and one’s skin type. For an aggressive treatment, the skin may show mild bleeding, and the healing process might take a bit longer. Still, most people heal within the 48-hour time frame.

Results and How Many Times Micro-Needling Should Be Done

Depending on whether one needs a collagen production process or scar reduction process, the frequency will vary. For the former, it is recommended that one start with a minimum of three treatments. These sessions should be spread out between a four to six week period allowing enough time for the skin to heal and the procedure to be repeated.

For the latter, it is recommended that one has 3-6 treatments. The treatments should again be spread out with four to six weeks between each session. These estimates may vary, however, dependent on the extent of damage and the individual’s response to treatment.

When one takes up the Micro-Needling treatment path, results can typically be noticed within a few days. It will, however, take a few months (the recommended number of treatments take several months) for the full effect of beautiful, brilliant, glowing skin to be seen.

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