Everyone has heard of CoolSculpting® Elite and is familiar with its ability to target unwanted fat but what is the science behind this popular treatment? There’s a reason why BodyLase® Med Spa is a top 1% Allergan provider and has performed over 6000 CoolSculpting® Elite treatments. Time and again, our clients have trusted us to give them the fat elimination treatments they want. We’ve earned their trust through education and by delivering excellent outcomes.

CoolSculpting® Elite became one of the most popular fat reduction treatments with the introduction of Cryolipolysis, commonly referred to as fat freezing – a procedure that uses cold temperature to reduce fat deposits in certain areas of the body. If you’re new to the world of cryolipolysis, we’re here to explain the process step-by-step. Below is a breakdown of how this treatment kills fat cells and what you can expect from your BodyLase® visit.

The Start of Your CoolSculpting® Elite Procedure

When you arrive for your treatment, you may be surprised by the way our CoolSculpting® Elite device looks. Cryolipolysis implies freezing, conjuring images of liquid nitrogen or ice crystals. However, the working end of a CoolSculpting® Elite system is a simple handpiece device that attaches to the treatment area with suction.

That’s because this treatment is a combination of fat-freezing technology and vacuum suction. The process begins when we apply the handpiece to your desired treatment area (this can be your abdomen, flanks, thighs, arms, or under your chin). When applied to the area, the handpiece sucks in the stubborn fat and applies cooling technology. 

How Suction and Freezing Kills Your Fat Cells

The CoolSculpting® Elite device’s suction ensures that only the desired region of stubborn fat is targeted during the freezing process. As the device goes to work, it chills the area to -11 degrees Celsius or 12.2 degrees Fahrenheit. This triggers a process called Apoptosis.

Apoptosis is the fastest form of cell death. When triggered by freezing, it occurs because the water in the cells expands, essentially damaging cellular structures. The reason fat cells are killed, yet your skin cells are left intact is because CoolSculpting® Elite is carefully calibrated to use a temperature low enough to work, yet high enough to prevent frostbite.

What Happens to Fat Cells After CoolSculpting® Elite

After fat cells are killed, your body goes through its natural process of clearing out the damaged cells. Since these cells are not vital for the function of your body, they are not replaced. The only way to get fat in the treated area again is through poor dietary habits. Therefore, it’s important to exercise regularly and eat healthily – CoolSculpting® Elite is not a weight-loss tool.

The removal of fat cells from your system is a gradual process with some clients seeing results as soon as 4 weeks with final results at 4 months after their last treatment.

How to Get Started

All of our treatment providers at BodyLase® in Raleigh and Cary are CoolSculpting Elite University certified which means they have received extensive hands-on training in the art of CoolSculpting Elite. If you’re ready to shed stubborn fat and get the body you’ve always wanted, we’re here to help.

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