You said you wouldn’t. They said you shouldn’t. But despite your best attempts, it happened this Christmas. Overeating, it’s a mea culpa to which we all fall victim at one point or another. But dwelling in the past gets you nowhere fast. So learn how the celebs—everyone from the fabulous Christie Brinkley to the antics-driven Atlanta Housewives—tackle their waistlines. Do you think their secret tricks actually work?

Which Celeb Uses SmartLipo?

Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne

Smartlipo is a gentler, more fine-tuned way to lipo. Tackling small stubborn fat deposits head on, Smartlipo is a minimally invasive treatment that offers patients faster recovery times.

Because Smartlipo focuses on small areas, only a local anesthetic is required. A small cannula equipped with a low-level laser is inserted into small incision. Here it literally melts fat and sucks it up. Smartlipo patients experience less bruising and swelling than those who undergo other invasive, fat-reducing procedures. As a result, the sculpted smooth results are revealed faster.

So who actually uses SmartLipo?

While so many celebs shy away from ‘fessing up publicly, it’s widely thought that the best of ’em, including Britney Spears and Madonna, have enjoyed the beautiful benefits of Smartlipo sculpting.

What about you? Interested in the favored treatment of Hollywood darlings? If you’d like to discover how Smartlipo can tackle your tough spots, give us a call.

Why did Kim Zolciak get Zerona laser treatments?

Kim Zolciak
Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak, a fixture on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, recently found herself distracted from her dance routines and troubled by her figure. Wanting to slim down before joining Kandi on tour, Kim opted for a non-surgical body-contouring procedure that requires no downtime: Zerona laser treatments.

But did it work for Kim?

Zerona laser is a non-invasive smoothing and slimming treatment that is applied externally. The laser stimulates subcutaneous tissue layers, prompting fat to be liquefied and naturally filtered out. Zerona laser treatments is a great non-invasive alternative to Smartlipo.

Past patients have seen a loss of 3.5 inches.

Results are best when patients seek treatment while maintaining regular exercise and a healthy diet, just like Kim. Zerona focuses on contouring and tightening the small fat deposits that are resistant to your healthy lifestyle.

Are you like Kim? On top of exercise and looking for a contouring boost? If so, call us for a consultation on how Zerona treatments might work for you.

How does Christie Brinkley stay slim?

Christie Brinkley
Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley, at the age of 56, says numbers don’t define who she is. Though her confidence levels might even intimidate the most self-assured, there’s no denying she’s got the right attitude. With a physique and positive spirit like that, it seems like Christie’s got a secret worth learning.

She’s shared, time and time again, that it’s constant exercise keeps her looking healthy and fresh. But the real question is how does she never lose motivation?

Christie admits to Shape Magazine that the secret’s in variety:

I think variety is the spice of sticking with an exercise routine, whether it’s getting a dance tape one day, or getting a tape with those stretchy things to work with resistance on a different day. Arm yourself with a few different things. Ask your friends to go jogging or on a long walk. Sign up for a dance class. I really think that mixing it up it keeps it fun. And that’s really the only way that you can stick with it.

She also satys she integrates that variety whenever and however she can. She’ll squat while drying her brushing her teeth or she’ll run up and down the bleachers while watching a game. She’ll even exercise her calves while brushing her teeth.

Does Christie’s a-hundred-and-one-ways-to-burn-fat regime appeal to you? If so, share some of your flab-kicking favorites below!