Think of all the time and thought that goes into dolling up for your wedding day! As a bride-to-be, you know how much elbow grease it takes. Grooms, on the other hand, are often clueless about grooming. How ironic.

What better way to help him get through the scary and mysterious grooming process than by showing moral support? Our guide makes it easy to nudge him towards a more presentable state by allowing you to join in on the grooming process. Solidarity—guys like that.

His (and Hers) Gadgets

Though he loves a clean shave, he doesn’t indulge in one as often as he likes—ahem, or should we say, as often as you like. But don’t write him off as slovenly. Under a man’s beard, the skin is as sensitive as a woman’s. Running sharp blades across it every morning certainly does no favors. Luckily a gadget can deliver a smooth (and painless) shave for every special event leading up to your big day.

The Clarisonic brush pushes his cleanser deeper and removes dead skin cells. As a result of smoother skin, he can shave closer, avoid ingrown hairs, and say goodbye to razor rash. Join him in the quest for smoother skin. The Clarisonic is a much-loved beauty tool among women and men alike.

His (and Hers) Laser Hair Removal

Is your guy (read: you) tired of the upkeep that manly body hair requires? Does thinning his chest hair or eliminating his back hair mean that he (read: you) has to awkwardly grapple with trimmers? Perhaps the mere thought of hitting the pool-side on your honeymoon sends panic down his (read: your) spine?

He (and you) will be pleased to hear that hair removal is no longer restricted to the world of women. More and more men opt for laser hair removal to obliterate body hair. The best-loved procedure at BodyLase® is the removal of unsightly back fur. Join him and reduce unwanted body hair, too*.

His (and Hers) Massages

So he’s come this far, has he? After putting up with lasers and exfoliating contraptions, you’re probably thinking he deserves a pat on the back. But wait. We’ll do you one better. We’ve got a reward that’ll help him completely unwind after the stressful grooming process.

Our Relaxation Massage Therapy can calm his nerves and relieve any tension. Join in on the peace-inducing fun by enjoying a massage too! Pressure can be as firm as you need and as soft as he needs.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.