Beardcare, skincare and that man-forest on his back. These are things he’s dealt with for as long as he can remember. But we’ve got some ground-breaking techniques and tips that’ll change the way he looks at his razor and bar of soap. We promise. Share the gift of knowledge this Father’s Day and help the man in your life revolutionize his grooming routine.

Revolutionary Beardcare

Is the ever-elusive super-close shave the holy grail of your guy’s morning? Well, here are some technical shaving tips that could get him, ahem, a hair closer.

It’s best to shave after a shower—he’s heard it before. But does he know that, contrary to popular belief, this vital step is not about softening the skin? It’s about softening the actual beard. Cuticles that surround each hair shaft are naturally dry, and when dry they’re extremely hardy and resilient. Once beard cuticles are made supple by moisture, heat, and chemicals from lather, he’s ready for a shave.

He doesn’t have time for a steamy shower before a morning shave? Then the hot towel approach is just the ticket. Not just a technique reserved for classic scenes in Westerns and gangster movies, the application of a hot towel can make a world of a difference when he’s pinched for time as the hot towel has the extraordinary ability to steam up and soften beard cuticles in just a few minutes.

Once the pre-shave routine is done and dusted, what next? Well, a common question that plagues guys standing over a sink with a razor in their hands is: Exactly how much pressure to apply for an optimal shave? The answer is not so cut and dry—it depends on the type of razor used. Standard cartridge razors work best with pressure, whereas double-edge razors should not be used with any pressure. Classic straight razors however require light pressure.

To help him get ready for another comfortable shave tomorrow morning, what he puts on his face after his shave today is key! Now, if he’s stumped at this stage, it’s completely understandable as the wealth of post-shave products is staggering. Alum blocks, soothing balms, aftershave splashes, stingy astringents, creamy lotions and more. Since all post-shave products aren’t built the same and neither are men’s faces, BadgerandBalm, a website dedicated to men’s beardcare, breaks down products by skin type: dry, normal, oily and comination skin.

Beyond Soap and Water

Despite following the steps for a shave of holy-grail status, is his skin still looking a little worse for wear?

Is it riddled with painful razor bumps? Is it dull and lifeless while premature wrinkles seem to creep in? Or is it ravaged with bumpy clogged pores? Any of these signs could indicate he’s due for a good old scrub. When soap and water just aren’t enough, exfoliation comes to the rescue. Granule-filled cleansers and tools like natural abrasive sponges—including loofas and konjac sponges—were once all the rage. Now, more and more men are falling for the ultimate skincare gadget: the Clarisonic.

With the ability to work cleansers deeper, the Clarisonic lifts away the stubborn mix of dead cells and hardened sebum. Once debris-free, your guy can enjoy healthy-looking skin and clear pores as well as freedom from ingrown hairs.

In a study, 81% of the men evaluated express that the Clarisonic made shaving easier and more comfortable.

So Long, Unwanted Hair!

Learning how to care for facial hair care is a rite of passage for all men. But on a day-to-day basis it’s more of a nuisance for most.

Luckily laser hair removal can help assuage pesky, painful hair problems like stubborn ingrowns. Not only do men turn to laser hair removal for taming unwanted and hard-to-reach back hair that’s otherwise awkwardly dealt with shears and hot wax, it’s also used for clearing razor burns and beard rashes. Laser hair removal is FDA-approved for targeting small stubborn points on the beard that are highly prone to ingrown hairs.

Laser hair removal can now help your man do away with razor burn forever just as easily as he can say goodbye to wooly back-fuzz.


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