Wedding stress often manifests itself on the bride’s skin. We see it a lot at BodyLase®. Not enough water, poor eating habits and the rise of stress levels can lead to breakouts, dryness, and wrinkles. Brides, it’s important to work on your skin long before your big day. Find out how to achieve the best bridal glow with easy to follow beautifying steps by taking a peek into BodyLase® Bridal Beauty Kit.

Step away from the cheeseburger. It’s time to start rejuvenating your skin now.

Step 1: Get Clear Skin Now

Want skin as smooth as silk and as luminous as Jessica Alba’s glow for your wedding? Great skin requires hard work. Daily. Check out BodyLase®’s Ultimate Wedding Skin Primer for tips on how you can whip your skin into shape at home.

To tackle any stand-out skin problems, get a professional consultation from a skin expert. For those with redness or rosacea, a Laser Facial could be the answer. For those with more mature skin and sun spots, an IPL Photofacial could do the trick. For acne-troubled skin a series of VI Peel facials might suit you. Those with dry skin might need a Corrective Skin Peel to fully exfoliate and allow for better absorption of moisture.

Your skin is unique. That’s why BodyLase®’s medical aestheticians will work with you to analyze your skin’s needs to find on a treatment that will help you achieve your dreams of wedding skin perfection.

6 months to 1 year in advance

Step 2: Unwanted Hair, Be Gone!

Why worry about your bikini line when you could be focusing on your next tropical cocktail? Banish those bikini bumps before you grab the mojitos on your honeymoon. And while you’re at it why not do it for good! Get rid of that unwanted hair with a Laser Hair Removal session. A trip to BodyLase® will have you throwing your bouquet or baring it all at the beach in confidence… Piña colada not included.

1 month to 6 months in advance

Double-Duty Laser Hair Removal Special
We’ve got a great deal on for June 2011 on our Laser Hair Removal treatments. Buy a laser hair removal package and get any other laser hair removal package FREE! Pamper yourself twice. Or Groom Your Groom while also treating yourself. Give us a call for more information on June’s Laser Hair Removal offer.

Step 3: Energy Crisis Averted

Planning a wedding is just like running a marathon. You’re committed to non-stop preparation, you watch what you eat, and the big day is always on your mind. It can easily be overwhelming. But don’t let the pre-wedding phase drain you.

Get out of that wedding planning slump with a jolt of stimulation. Muscle stimulation, that is. By snatching a massage in between bouts of color coordinating and cake tasting, your energy tank will be refilled. Let the masseuse push away all your problems, so you can take a breather. Go ahead, you deserve it.

1 month in advance

Step 4: Doe-Eyed Look

Runny eye makeup. Raccoon eyes. Mascara flakes. Will the madness ever end? To ensure you don’t fall victim to these insufferable makeup crimes, you could always appoint a spotter on your wedding day. But at BodyLase we’ve got something better than a spotter: eyelash extensions!

One session of eyelash extensions is the headache-free answer to your cries for natural, full, dark lashes. Resistant to water, sweat and tears, our eyelash extensions will see you through all your wedding highlights. And the emotions that come along.

1 day to 1 week in advance

Step 5: The Face Off

As you’re flying up to the week of your big event, a facial will instantly refresh and brighten your look. If you’ve followed a daily regime and tackled those skin problems ahead of time (see Step 1), you’re perfectly primed. Now for the finishing touch.

Squeeze in a facial that compliments your entire wedding skin program. Do you need some hydration? Or just some de-clogging? Come in for a custom facial a day before your big day to simply brighten your look. But stay away from peels or IPL Photofacials at this point, since they require recovery time.

1 day in advance

Step 6: Supreme Foundations

Everyone knows a good marriage is built upon a strong foundation. Your wedding makeup is the same. Start your wedding day beauty routine with a great moisturizer that won’t let your face down. Once primed and moisturized, your skin will look luminous.

Just be sure to choose a moisturizer that will give you the 24-hour support your skin needs. Dry skin will want moisture to seal in the plump, fresh look. Oily skin will want oil control to ensure your makeup doesn’t melt. Whatever your skin type, there’s a perfect moisturizer out there just for you. Check out SkinSelect MD (available in store) for some great moisturizers specialized by skin type. Any questions? Come by BodyLase® for more tips on which products will work great for you.

0 days in advance